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Did you miss an AmCham business event or presentation recently and want to know the content that was discussed? Were you there, but you want to have more details that you might be able to use in a presentation? or send to a colleague that wasn’t there?

Below are links to presentations, downloads, photos, and videos from recent events, meetings, seminars, etc.

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2015 View and download the presentations

Jan 20 Smoothing Your Exporting to U.S. and EU Markets
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2014 View and download the presentations

Dec 17 Year-end HR Networking Event – Manage and Support Female Workforce
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Dec 16 The New Housing Law – Opportunities for Foreigners to Own and Invest in Residential Condominiums and Villas in Vietnam
Welcome and General Introduction, Fred Burke, Baker & McKenzie
History of the Home Sales Market in Vietnam, Peter Ryder, Indochina Land
New Housing Law – How it changes the Pilot Program, Net Le, LNT & Partners
The Market: What’s the supply–demand balance?, Troy Griffiths, Savills Vietnam
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Dec 14 2nd Annual Breakfast with Santa
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Dec 13 19th Annual Governors’ Ball – A Nutcracker Dream
List of Raffle Prizes and Silent Auction Prizes Winners
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Dec 12 Signing Ceremony for the Vietnam Trade Facilitation Alliance (VTFA) Memorandum of Understanding
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Dec 11 Geoffrey Tan, Overseas Private Investment Corp. Managing Director, Asia Pacific
An OPIC Overview
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Dec 10 20th Annual General Meeting and Members’ Night
Board of Governors Report 2014
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Dec 03 Demystifying Demergers in Vietnam
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Nov 28 AmCham Supplier Day 2014
Supplier Selection Process Sharing, Tam Nguyen, Intel Products Vietnam
Demands for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Quang Le, DiCentral
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Nov 21 Food Safety: Responsibilities of Manufacturers, Distributors, Retailers
Food Safety, Nguyen Hung Long, MoH [VN]
Overview of Food Safety in Vietnam, Nguyen Hung Long, MoH [EN|VN]
Best Practice sharing on food safety, standards on Food Safety in the US, Mason Cobb, Victoria Healthcare [EN|VN]
Food Safety and Hygiene – Customers’ Wants and Expectations, Do Ngoc Chinh, VINATAS [EN|VN]
Overview of Food Safety and Recommendations for Consumers, Ly Kim Chi, FFA [EN|VN]
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Nov 19 Seminar on Unfair Competition Enforcement in the United States, Supply Chain and Cybersecurity Issues
Cybersecurity and Supply Chain Integrity as Risk Factors in Doing Business, Michael Mudd
Cybersecurity in Vietnam An Overview, James Fitzsimmons
Nov 05 ICT Committee Networking Event: Top 5 IT regulations impacting your business in Vietnam
Top 5 IT regulations impacting your business in Vietnam, Rick Yvanovich
Vietnam IT/C regulations, Seck Yee Chung
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Nov 05 Global Digital Workflow Trends – A View from Japan
Global Supply Chain, Bryan Norton
Oct 29 The Return of SOEs Equitization – Is It Time To Invest?
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Oct 28 HR Committee Breakfast Meeting – Reward To Retain Talents
Wooing Talent with Total Rewards, Godelieve Kroonenberg
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Sep 25 Dialogue Meeting on Draft Decree Guiding Custom Law
Dialogue Meeting on Draft Decree, Herb Cochran
WTO TFA and Draft National Decree, Nestor Scherbey
Sep 18 AmCham 20th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
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Sep 16 Life Sciences Symposium – Key Topics in the Pharmaceutical Sector in Vietnam and Southeast Asia
Presentation: Life Sciences Symposium
Presentation: ASEAN: Pharmaceutical Registration Overview and Product Life Cycle
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Aug 27 EQ Management with NLP
Aug 15 Customs Procedures, Trade Facilitation, and Free Trade Agreements
Presentation: Customs Procedures
Jul 10 Freedom from Anxiety
Presentation: Freedom from Anxiety
Jun 25 Vietnam’s new Land Law: Major impacts on foreign developers
Presentation: New Land Law of Vietnam
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Jun 17 Cloud Computing Technology – International Experience and Implications for Vietnam
Cloud Computing Technology – Bank in Vietnam (VN)
Financial Services and the Impact of New Technology (EN | VN)
Law and Regulatory Policy Meets Data in the Cloud (EN | VN)
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Jun 06 Arbitration In Vietnam: Understanding The Process And Making It Work For Your Business
Arbitration Overview (EN | VN)
Tips and lessons learned for parties involved in an arbitral proceeding (EN | VN)
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May 30 ICT Committee Breakfast Meeting
AmCham ITC Presentation
Vietnam Business Group in Singapore
Startup Ecosystem in Vietnam
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May 22 Members’ Night and Meet the U.S. Consulate General Key Officers
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May 21 Labor Outsourcing: Issues with Decree No. 55, and what’s next?
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May 14 Anti-Avoidance Rules, Transfer Pricing and Advanced Pricing Agreements (APAs)
Introduction to Anti-Avoidance Rules
Transfer Pricing
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Apr 28 Reasons 2 Reward and How To Do It
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Apr 25 Morning Briefing with Q&A/Discussion: Visa procedures for Business Travel to the USA
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Apr 24 Managing Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Risks
Presentation: The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – What you need to know, Sesto Vecchi (EN | VN)
Presentation: Managing Intermediary Risk under the FCPA, Orsolya Szotyory-Grove (EN)
Presentation: The Siemens Compliance System, Hoa Nguyen (EN | VN)
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Apr 07 Asia-Pacific Business Outlook: AmCham Vietnam Presentation
Apr 01 Leadership – Challenges with Global Businesses & Local Culture
Mar 28 HR Committee Group Discussion – How To Become An Effective HR Business Partner?
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Mar 28 Forum: Food & Beverage Industry in Vietnam
Video: AmCham Food & Beverage Committee Introduction
Presentation: AmCham Introduction, Herb Cochran Text – ENSlides – EN | Slides – VN
Presentation: Food and Beverage Industry in Vietnam: Domestic and International Perspectives, Ph.D. Phan Huu Thang EN|VN
Presentation: Regulatory Harmonization and F&B Sector in Vietnam, Van Nguyen EN|VN
Presentation: Proposed Amendments in the Draft SCT Law: Health, Economic, Legal Perspectives, Sesto Vecchi EN|VN
Presentation: Global Experience: Carbonated Beverage Taxes & Lessons, Christopher J. Snowdon EN|VN
Presentation: Carbonated Beverages and Health Questions: Fact and Fiction, Dr. Mason Cobb EN|VN
Presentation: Economic and Social Implications of SCT Law on Essential Consumer Goods, Ph.D. Tran Kim Chung EN|VN
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Mar 20 Members Night: Meet Committee Leaders, Governors, Other Member, and U.S. Consulate General Key Officers
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Feb 27 Networking Night: Are You Ready for the New Customs System VNACCS/VCIS?
Presentation: VNACCS & Customs Risk Management
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2013 View and download the presentations

Dec 13 “Taking Stock” – Update and Outlook by World Bank’s Lead Economist for Vietnam
Presentation: An update on Vietnam’s recent economic developments – Sandeep Mahajan
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Dec 12 Breakfast Briefing: Workplace innovation in Vietnam
Presentation: Worplace innovation – Dr. Marcus Powe – RMIT Vietnam
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Nov 29 Social Media – New opportunities and challenges for HR practices
Presentation: Employer Brand on Social Media – Opportunity or RiskPresentation: Social Media in the workplace
Presentation: New opportunities and challenges for HR practices – Data Privacy
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Nov 28 AmCham Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot Golf Tournament and Lunch
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Oct 29 Morning Briefing: U.S. Overseas Private Investment Corp. Executive Vice President
How OPIC Can Support Your Business
U.S. Connection Requirements for OPIC-Supported Projects
OPIC Investment in Southeast Asia: Existing and Pipeline Projects
U.S.-Asia Pacific Comprehensive Energy Partnership
Doing Business with OPIC
Oct 24 Grey areas in the spotlight – a legal morning with Hogan Lovells
Presentation: Update on Compliance, Christian Schaefer
Presentation: Further strengthening of IP enforcement mechanism, Nga Nguyen
Presentation: PPP – Are we there yet, Stanley Boots
Presentation: Update on Investment Regulations, Phong Nguyen
Oct 17 Vietnam 2013 Consumer Trends
Presentation: Vietnam 2013 Consumer Trends
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Oct 15 ICT Committee Networking Event: Does social technology add real value to business?
Presentation: Decree No. 72 – Social Media and Constraints – Vietnam Legal Trends
Presentation: Social ERP, Rajeev Ganju
Presentation: The Value of Social – where is it, Rick Yvanovich
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Oct 3 Employer branding – how to become a magnet for top talent
Presentation: Employer branding – how to become a magnet for top talent
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Sep 27-29 AmCham Fall Weekend, Angsana Lang Co
Presentation: Intel Vietnam – Plenary Session II – Sherry Boger
Presentation: FLA 3.0 Vietnam Project – Ha Dang
Video Clip: TPP Opportunities & Challenges
Sep 24 Morning Briefing and Q&A/Discussion: Visa Procedures for Business Travel to the U.S.
Presentation: Business Travel to the United States – Sara Michael
Sep 18 Managing Business Immigration Risk in Vietnam
Presentation: Managing Business Immigration Risk in Vietnam
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Sep 13 How the Best Senior Leaders Pave the Way to Engagement 
Presentation: How the Best Senior Leaders Pave the Way to Engagement
Sep 12 Members Night with Dr. Le Dang Doanh
Presentation: Vietnam’s Economy at the Crossroads – Reform Action Needed
Aug 20 Hire and Retain “A” Players to Grow Your Business
Presentation: Hire and Retain “A” Players to Grow Your Business – Craig Saphin
Aug 15 Presentation 2.0: The Art of Visual Storytelling (For Members Only)
Note for participants
Jul 17 TPP Workshop: HCMC Union of Business Associations, Union of Friendship Organizations, AmCham
  Trans-Pacific Partnership, by Herb Cochran (EN | VN)
TPP – Opportunities and Challenges for Vietnamese Enterprises – by VCCI (EN | VN)
Trans-Pacific Partnership, by Ray Nayler (EN | VN)
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), by Nguyen Kim Anh – DiCentral (EN | VN)
How to gain TRUST & CONFIDENCE with International Buyer?, by Nguyen Ngoc Hung – Dun & Bradstreet (EN | VN)
Jul 10 TPP: Opportunities & Challenges • How Can Vietnam Companies Become Suppliers to U.S. Buyers?
Trans-Pacific Partnership – Overview and Assessment, by Fred Burke – Baker & McKenzie (EN | VN)
Trans-Pacific Partnership “How to become a supplier to U.S. buyers”, by Herb Cochran – AmCham Vietnam (EN)
How to gain TRUST & CONFIDENCE with International Buyer?, by Nguyen Ngoc Hung – Dun & Bradstreet (EN | VN)
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), by Nguyen Kim Anh – DiCentral (EN | VN)
Quality, Compliance & Sustainability, Intertek (EN | VN)
Product Liability Insurance – Conceptual Presentation, by Tran Van Luat – AEGIS (EN | VN)
Jun 21 AmCham HR Committee Re-launch Event – Navigating in a changing landscape – Labor and PIT law perspective and Photo
Presentation: The New Labor Code – What’s new?
Presentation: Employment-related tax updatesPresentation: HR Committee Relaunch
Jun 7 AmCham ICT Committee Networking Event: Marketing Meeting Technology & Presentation
Jun 5 Business Lunch: Generation World
Presentation: Generation World – David Sable
May 24 Business Leaders’ Forum re TPP: Interests and Concerns of Businesses in Vietnam
TPP Overview and Quantitative Assessment: Presentation by AmCham • Fred Burke
Statements by Leading FDI Investors’ FBA: S KoreaTaiwanHong Kong
Statements by some TPP Participant Countries’ FBA: AustraliaCanadaMalaysia
May 8 Breakfast Briefing: All roads lead to Myanmar – Vietnam and Myanmar legal and tax comparison
Presentation: Myanmar’s Foreign Investment Law, Company Forms, Trading, Equity and Real Estate
Presentation: All Roads Lead to Myanmar
Presentation: Taxation in Vietnam and Myanmar
May 7 Morning Briefing: The Globalization of Private Equity and Venture Capital
Presentation: The Globalization of Private Equity and Venture Capital – Eric L. Mais
Apr 18 Morning Briefing: How to Hire Right and Avoid Firing
Presentation: How to Hire Right & Avoid Firing
Mar 27 Dialogue Meeting with MOLISA/VCCI on Draft Decrees, revised Labour Code
Presentation: Updates on Revised Labour Code
Photo Album
Mar 21 Outlook for industrial real estate market
Presentation: Industrial Estate Market Update – A challenging 2012 & 2013 Outlook
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Mar 21 Great Guam Opportunities: Vietnam Outbound FDI, Travel & Hospitality, Education
  Business Opportunities on Guam (ENG | VN)
Guam – Where America’s Day Begins (ENG | VN)
University of Guam (ENG | VN)
Business Travel to the United States (ENG | VN)
Photo Album
Mar 14 How to use HR systems to enhance profitability, reduce risk & gain a long term strategic advantage
Presentation: How to use HR systems to enhance profitability – Matthew Pearson
Photo Album
Mar 13 New Members Orientation (Members and Invited Guests)
Presentation: New Members Welcome
Photo Album
Mar 6 Morning Briefing with Q&A/Discussion: Visa procedures for Business Travel to the USA
Presentation: Visa procedures for Business Travel to the USA
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Feb 28 Business Lunch: How to Hire and Fire (Legally) in Vietnam
Presentation: How to Hire and Fire (Legally) in Vietnam
Jan 24 Idea Foundry: Business Creation and Entrepreneurial Acceleration for Vietnam
Presentation: Idea Foundry: Business Creation and Entrepreneurial Accelaration for Vietnam
Jan 22    . World Bank “Global Economic Prospects” Report Launch and Discussion
Presentation: Global Economic Prospects
Presentation: Taking Stock –  An Update on Vietnam’s Recent Economic Developments


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Breakfast Briefing: Workplace innovation in Vietnam

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