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AEGIS Co., Ltd.

AEGIS Co., Ltd.
16th Floor, Saigon Tower
29 Le Duan Boulevard
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
+84 28 3514 7969 / 70
+84 28 3514 7971
AEGIS is an independent insurance intermediary providing total service solutions in insurance and risk advisory, formed in 2002 we have grown to become one of the leading insurance advisory firms in Vietnam.
AEGIS is a member company of Brokerslink Management AG, incorporated in Switzerland:

• Global presence : 90+ countries
• Number of offices worldwide : 400+
• Number of insurance professionals : 10,000+
• Annual premium managed : US$20 billion

We are fueled with a passion for the insurance business, we believe in local synergy and global consistency. Multinational clients rely on this synergy and consistency to effectively address their risks exposure, and these qualities put us at the cutting edge of the insurance industry.
An ever-increasing number of over 10,000 professionals across the globe are ready to address the insurance needs of mid-size businesses and multinational enterprises spanning across many industries. The network has risen to the top in meeting global interconnectedness. With annual premiums in an excess of US$20 billion, AEGIS-BrokersLink are committed to working with our clients to achieve a complete insurance solution portfolio that would be fully consistent with their ongoing business needs.
We have become a premier platform for enhanced performance of insurance solutions locally and worldwide. The expertise offered by the diverse and dedicated AEGIS-BrokersLink Team provide everything that is needed to make sure the program designed for each client precisely matches their requirements.
Focus Areas and Expertise:

• Property & Casualty, Engineering & Construction Insurance Programs
• Employee Benefits, Life & Pension Assurance Programs
• Professional Indemnity, D&O Insurance Programs
• Public/Products, Umbrella Liability Insurance Programs
• Trade/Export Credit Insurance Programs
• Marine, Cargo, Transportation, Project Cargo, Delay Start-Up Insurance
• Special Risks: Cyber Risks, Kidnap & Ransom, Political Risks, Terrorism
Au Quang Hien, General Manager
Tran Van Luat, Operations Manager