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East Asia Global Alliance JSC

East Asia Global Alliance JSC
45 Nguyen Canh Chan Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
+84 28 6291 4728 / +84 90 826 3331 (Douglas VN) / +1 650 450 3006 (Douglas-USA) / +84 93 222 2054 (Lam)
+84 28 6291 4729
EA|GA is engaged in strategic business development and investment services for our clients throughout the Asia Pacific region. EA|GA services can be provided based on our client’s goals and objectives in reducing project development costs, increasing productivity and compressing time frames through facilitating effective execution of business goals with targeted results.
Our philosophy blends solid financial discipline, entrepreneurial creativity and cultural sensitivity to each project we pursue resulting in a high quality of service and value for our client’s business development. Working closely with our strategic partners, we are able to bring a broad range of experience and connectively regionally as well as globally.
Currently EA|GA is developing a state of the art shrimp recirculating aquaculture system in Vietnam that will demonstrate the economic and ecological benefits of a disciplined bio-secure approach to the enormous problems facing the existing indigenous shrimp industry. Other projects include a product with MindBridge that uses brainwaves from thoughts, eye and muscle movements through software to control and monitor computers, mobile and wearable devices and the introduction of Linh Chi Cognac. Visit us at for additional information and investment opportunities on these as well as other EA|GA regional projects.
Services from EA|GA include Investment/business consulting and development, corporate services, project management, master planning.
• Investment Consulting
Entrance and exit strategies
Investor relations
Merging with Foreign Investments
Foreign Direct Investments
• Business/Project Management, Implementation
Assessing and setting project goals
Business and management plans, feasibility studies, proposals
Execution and management
Risk management
Master planning
• Corporate Services
Administration and logistics
Marketing and branding
Intellectual services
Douglas Edward Railton, Chairman, CEO
Tran Thien Lam (Larren), Business and Strategic Partner Development