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HR2B / Talent Recruitment JSC

HR2B / Talent Recruitment JSC
1st Floor, Thien Son Building
5 Nguyen Gia Thieu Street, Ward 6
District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
+84 8 6288 3888
+84 8 6288 3889
HR2B is a Vietnamese human resource consulting company run to international standards. Since 2003 HR2B has been helping our clients with their human resources management needs. HR2B has become a leader in the Vietnamese market. Our combination of deep market knowledge, strict process control and international standard customer care has earned us a strong reputation as a valued business partner.

70 trained professional staffs serving 450+ clients nationwide Viet Nam.

Executive Search and Selection
Uniting talent with opportunity

HR2B Search services enable you to find the right managers and professionals for your business in Vietnam.

Staff Outsourcing
Easy skilled staffing solutions

HR2B offers a range of services that take the burden of employment off your business. Skilled teams and individuals are available for long and short term assignments across a range of industries. Staff Outsourcing offers an alternative to the direct hire of your staff. HR2B has a service to suit your needs.

Payroll Processing
Accurate timely legal payroll processing

HR2B has made it easy for you to deliver on-time, accurate, legally compliant payroll to your employees month after month. In operation since 2006 HR2B now pays over 4,000 people across 42 companies and 16 provinces. (November 2016)

Employees in Vietnam: 70
Thomas Mark Vovers, General Director
Nguyen Thi Bich Hong, Managing Partner