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Jardine Matheson Group

Jardine Matheson Group
5th Floor, CJ Building
6 Le Thanh Ton St.,
Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City
+84 28 3822 2340
+84 28 3823 0030
The Jardine Matheson Group of Companies InVietnam

Direct Investment in Asia Commercial Bank– ACB(7.3% stake owned by Connaught Investors, a 100% Jardine owned company)is one of the largest joint stock banks in Vietnam conducting a wide range of domestic banking activities and direct investments in Vietnamese enterprises.

Direct Investment in Truong Hai Auto Corporation– THACO(25% currently owned by Jardine Cycle & Carriage, stake acquired by JC&C in July 2008) is Vietnam’s largest vehicle producer. THACO’s principal activities include the manufacture, assembly, distribution, retail, repair and maintenance of commercial and passenger vehicles in Vietnam. It carries the full range of KIA commercial and passenger vehicles, MAZDA and PEUGEOT passenger cars, as well as certain light and heavy commercial vehicles under FOTON,KING LONG, HYUNDAI and its own THACO brands. It currently has a network of 85owned showrooms and 50agents throughout the country.

Direct Investment in Refrigeration ElectricalEngineering Corporation– REE(23% stake owned by Jardine Cycle & Carriage by December 2015) is a leading Vietnamese conglomerate, whose core businesses include M&E contractor, air-conditioning system manufacturing and distribution, real estate, and infrastructure investment such as hydro power, thermal power, and water.

Hongkong LandCentral Building Ltd.(71% owned by HK Land) is a US$10 million joint-venture between Hongkong Land and Hanoi Federation of Labour to develop a 7-storey office building at 31 Hai Ba TrungStreet.

Hongkong Land Doan Ket International Ltd.(74% owned by HK Land) is a US$22 million joint-venture between Hongkong Land and Vietnam Fatherland Front to develop an 8-storey office building at 63 Ly Thai To Street.

Nassim JV Company Limited (50% owned by HK Land) is a US$57 million Joint Venture between Hongkong Land and SonKim Investment & Development Company Limited to develop a high-end residential building for sale, located at No. 30, Street 11, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC.

 Pan Asia Trading and Investment One Member Co. Ltd. - PATI is the operator of Guardian brand name (owned by Dairy Farm). The brand is one of the largest health & beauty stores in Vietnam with 45 stores across the country. There are 36Guardian stores in Ho Chi Minh City, 5 in Hanoi, 2 in Bien Hoa and 2 in Vung Tau.

Asia Investment Supermarket Trading Co. Ltd. – AISTC(100% foreign owned by Dairy Farm - DF)is developing Hypermarkets under Giant brand name. The first store opened in Crescent Mall, District 7 in November 2011.

Schindler Vietnam Ltd.is100% foreign owned by Jardine Schindler. Schindler is involved in importing, installing and maintaining Schindler lifts and escalators. In September 1998 Schindler opened its lift component factory in Vietnam, which is producing components for both internal uses and for export. Schindler in Vietnam has supplied lifts for a number of big projects such as International West Lake Hotel, Saigon Center, Saigon Tower, Metropolitan Offices, Hanoi Towers, Sheraton Hotel, Sofitel Hotel and Caravelle Hotel and many more.

Jardine Lloyd Thompson- JLTis a risk management advi­sor and insurance broker licensed by the Insurance Department of Vietnam’s Ministry of Finance. The company is headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City with a branch office in Hanoi. JLT offers a full range of risk management services for both the public and the private sector.

Pizza Hut Vietnam Co. 100% owned by The Jardine Restaurant Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jardine Pacific. The company is licensed to exclusively develop and operate Pizza Hut restaurants and Pizza Hut Delivery outlets in Vietnam. There are currently 18 dine-in with 9 delivery in Ho Chi Minh City;10 dine-in with 4 delivery in Hanoi; 2 dine-in with 1 delivery in Dong Nai, 1 dine-in in Can Tho; 1 dine-in inBinh Duong; 1 dine-in inVung Tau; 1 dine-in in Da Nang; 1 dine-in with 1 delivery in Hai Phong; 1 dine-in in Ha Long; 1 dine-in in Nha Trang and 1 delivery in Phan Thiet.

KFC – is a franchise of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Vietnam, 25% owned by Jardine Pacific. There are 128 restaurants in Vietnam: 58in Ho Chi Minh City, 37 in Hanoi and 33 in other provinces.

Coffee Concepts (Vietnam) Ltd. – Starbucks Franchise is a subsidiary of Maxim’s (Jardines Group) has been licensed for operating Starbucks stores in Vietnam. 27 flagship stores have been opened,20 in Ho Chi Minh City and 7 in Hanoi.

Gammon is a Construction Company of Hong Kong owned 50% by Jardine Pacific and 50% by Balfour Beatty. Gammon is now one of the shareholders with 24.6% of COFICO, a well-known private building contractor in Vietnam.
Tom O'Dore, Chairman
Alain Cany, Country Chairman, Jardine Matheson Group
Patricia Marques, General Manager, Starbucks Coffee Vietnam
Le Thi Ngoc Huong, CEO, Jardine Lloyd Thompson
Arif Khan, CEO, Pizza Hut Vietnam