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Meridian Compass Ltd.

Meridian Compass Ltd.
86/20 Thich Quang Duc Street, Ward 5
Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City
+84 28 3995 6988
+84 28 3990 3203
Since 1997, Meridian Compass Limited (MCL) has been providing brand protection, due diligence and risk management solutions to Fortune 500 companies in Vietnam.

These solutions and services include, amongst others, the following:
• Counterfeit mitigation programs
• Distributor/agent fraud due diligence
• Employee fraud due diligence
• Insurance fraud due diligence

MCL also offers commercial business development services and solutions to Fortune 500 clients in Southeast Asia including, amongst others, Vietnam and Myanmar. These solutions include:
• Market entry strategies
• Distributor/business partner evaluation and selection support
• Competitor profiling and evaluation
• Channel management solutions
• Market demand and supply characterization
Patrick Looram, Director
Chris McNabb, Chief Representative