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Triumph International (Vietnam) Ltd.

Triumph International (Vietnam) Ltd.
No.02, Street No.03
Song Than 1 Industrial Zone
Di An Town, Binh Duong Province
+84 274 3742 137
Triumph International was founded in 1886 by the Spiesshofer and Braun families in Heubach, Germany, and is an owner-operated company which presence in over 120 countries. With headquarter in Bad Zurzach, Switzerland, the company designs, produces and markets underwear, nightwear and swimwear both wholesale and through its own stores. Joining the ranks of global leaders, Triumph International today employs over 35,000 employees worldwide.
Triumph International (Vietnam) Ltd. was established in January 1992 and started its manufacturing operation in the same year. And continue its expansion to both manufacturing plants in South Vietnam. Today, Triumph International (Vietnam) Ltd. has become one of the main suppliers within Triumph Global Production Network.
In 1994, Triumph International (Vietnam) Ltd. started its local Sales and Marketing operation through marketing arms coordinated by branches in Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi City, Da Nang City as well as Can Tho City, and its national distribution center located in Binh Duong.
Triumph International (Vietnam) Ltd. employs approximately 4,000 employees, producing and distributing garments to both local and export markets.
Vivek Shukla, General Manager
Le Lai Luyen, Commercial Director Vietnam