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Customs, Trade & Risk Management Services (Vietnam) Company Ltd.

Customs, Trade & Risk Management Services (Vietnam) Company Ltd.
12 th Floor, TMS Building, 172 Hai Ba Trung St., Da Kao Ward, Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
+84 28 7302 5772
+84 28 7302 5775
Customs, Trade & Risk Management Services (CTRMS Vietnam) possesses the specialized expertise necessary to provide new market entry and import management services in Vietnam. Importing into Vietnam involves accurate Customs HS classifications, numerous technical standards for various goods, specialized inspection registrations and transaction-based administrative procedures involving multiple agencies. Because these requirements are interlinked with customs release of goods for import or export, successful trade operations require advance research and development of effective standard operating procedures, working with appropriate in-country logistics and other providers. We identify and develop all applicable requirements that are specific to a client’s needs and assist with execution to avoid costly errors or delays with trade operations.

Vietnam is rapidly developing as the key ASEAN regional manufacturing and distribution hub, particularly for neighboring Mekong region countries, as well as, for China, Japan, Korea, Australia, the U.S, EU and others. We provide specialized export management and HCMC Chapter.
Nestor Scherbey, General Director
Thuan Hoang, Global Trade Specialist