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MADE Clothing (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

MADE Clothing (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
Hoa Lan Quarter, Thuan Giao Ward
Thuan An District, Binh Duong Province
+84 274 3716 686
+84 274 3716 675
MADE Clothing Company was incorporated in HK in 2006 with a 100% foreign owned manufacturing facility based in Vietnam operating under Australian and French management. Production commenced in June 2007. MADE Clothing Company has factory located in Binh Duong province (20 km’s north of Ho Chi Minh City) Vietnam. The factory employs 700 skilled workers, and is arranged into 12 production lines concentrating mainly on woman medium to high-end outer wear, and soft tailoring woven styles.
Ian Phillips, Managing Director
Florent Challan Belval, Sale & Deputy Director