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ABBO Investment Consultancy and Engineering JSC

ABBO Investment Consultancy and Engineering JSC
Suite 103, 1st Floor, 140 Nguyen Van Thu Street
DaKao Ward, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City
+84 28 3910 6445
+84 28 3910 6447
The unique benefit of ABBO Investment Consultancy and Engineering is to create more added value through the delivery of high quality competitive / in time products to our clients. ABBO creates this value through the use of experienced international and local staff with extensive experience and know-how gained in over 50 FDI projects for diverse services (Investment Consultancy, Architect / Engineering Design, Project / Construction Management...) together with project management tools for various front- end and back-end projects helps ABBO to understand well then satisfy Client’s requirements.
Risk management is one of the most difficult aspects in Vietnam investment projects. With ABBO extensive experience from FDI projects, we are proactive to recognize and identify root causes of risks and trace them through the project to their consequences.
Extensive energy efficiency, green building and renewable energy working experience with clients to achieve LEED / LOTUS certification is also our strength with some remarkable awards recently.
Nguyen Vuong Kiem Phong, General Director
John Rockhold, Executive Director