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10th Floor, 6 Thai Van Lung Street
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
+84 93 516 4000
i-IVY is Vietnam’s premier and most exclusive US university admissions strategy firm. Our counselors have multiple degrees from top US universities including Ivy League degrees from Dartmouth College and University of Pennsylvania and Ivy League comparable degree from University of Virginia. In addition to our stellar academic background, we bring broad work experience from the world’s most prestigious organizations including Salmon Brothers (now Citigroup), Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, GE Capital, UBS, Accenture, Indochina Capital, Jones Day, Coudert Brothers, US-Vietnam Trade Council and AmCham.
Our counselors work closely and intensively with students and their families to guide them through the complicated US university admissions and application process. Our process involves close and frequent interactions with students to understand their unique interests, strengths, weaknesses, values and personality. We then use this knowledge to help match them with colleges and universities which maximize their potential and offer the best fit. Once the right universities have been identified, we use our extensive experience to properly position them to increase their chances of acceptance in an ethical manner.
Our results speak for themselves. We have helped students gain admissions into all 8 Ivy League schools (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Penn, Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, and Cornell) as well as Ivy League comparable schools (Stanford, UChicago, Northwestern, Duke, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Virginia). We are especially proud of the tailored individualized attention that we give to EVERY student and of our exceptional results given the limited number of students we choose to work with every year.
We cater to students at US boarding schools as well as international and local schools in Vietnam. We also selectively offer SAT, ACT and essay writing classes. We have offices in HCMC and Hanoi.
Tony Diep, Executive Director
Lee Baker, Director & Partner