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Duffy Agency

Duffy Agency
90 Washington Street,
Suite 301-D Dover, NH 03820 USA
+1 617 500 6595
Get your business to the next level faster. Duffy Agency is for mid-sized companies that seek swift growth across borders. We help these companies better understand the markets and people they wish to sell to. Then we develop actionable strategies to build awareness, sales, and brand equity. Unlike most management consultants, we also follow through on our recommendations by overseeing their implementation and day-to-day management if needed.

Our “flipped agency” approach to marketing changes the rules of how business owners and marketing service firms work together. At the heart of this approach is a collaborative business model based on shared risk, full transparency, and measurable results. Developed for mid-sized businesses, it is an unconventional approach that yields unconventional results

From offices in the US and EU, we work exclusively with marketing programs that cross borders. We have developed a methodology that helps companies reduce the risk and maximize the opportunity when entering new markets. We have worked in over 45 countries connecting brands with new markets and have partner agencies in over 50 major markets around the world.
Grant Adams, Managing Partner
Sean Duffy, CEO