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McLarty Associates

McLarty Associates
Address: 900 17th Street N.W.
Suite 800, Washington, D.C. 20006 USA
+1 202 419 1420
+1 202 419 1421
McLarty Associates is an international strategic advisory firm. We counsel corporations and non-profits on strategic planning, government issues and advocacy, market access, mergers and acquisitions, corporate communication, and political and economic risk issues worldwide. We also assist with high-level commercial and political negotiations.

McLarty Associates has built a global team of seasoned specialists with expertise in all the major markets of the world, previously known as Kissinger McLarty Associates. Our team members have served more than 250 clients in every region. Our professionals are former diplomats, trade negotiators, intelligence officers, journalists, and
business people. Most of our staff are in Washington, DC and New York, but our overseas associates can be found at our representative offices in Beijing, as well as in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Brussels, Turkey, Egypt, UAE, Jakarta, Vietnam, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, and India.

Our clients include some of the best-known global names, as well as select emerging companies. Our clients are generally Fortune 200 companies with substantial global footprints, but we also advise emerging companies venturing abroad for the first time.
James Keith, Managing Director
Angeline, Thangaperakasam Director