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Chubb Life Insurance Vietnam Company Limited

Chubb Life Insurance Vietnam Company Limited
21st Floor, Sun Wah Tower
115 Nguyen Hue Boulevard
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
+84 28 3827 8989
+84 28 3821 9000
Operating in Vietnam since 2005, Chubb Life (f.k.a. ACE Life) offers a comprehensive array of quality life-insurance products to meet the financial-protection and security needs of a broad range of customers. The company pioneered the introduction of the Universal Life plan to the Vietnamese market in March 2006. Since then, it has developed a full range of Universal Life products. This diverse range of Universal Life products enables individuals and groups up to the age of 80 to select plans to suit their financial means.

With more than a decade of operation in Vietnam, Chubb Life has sustained rapid growth and also earned good reputation as a leading life insurer in Vietnam for its excellent customer service, efficient operation, high quality staff and a professional and dedicated team.

In 2013, Chubb Life Vietnam established Chubb Life Fund Management Company Limited (Chubb Life FMC, f.k.a. ACE Life FMC). Chubb Life FMC helps to achieve the company’s objectives to benefit customers and Vietnam’s growing economy by developing pension products and unit-link products; enhancing professional investment activities; raising funds and attracting investment from individual and institutional investors. Chubb Life FMC also demonstrates our commitment to investing in Vietnam while concurrently delivering more value to our customers.
Tuan Lam, Country President
Son Nguyen, Deputy Country President
Albert Li, Chief Actuary