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Li & Fung (Vietnam) Ltd.

Li & Fung (Vietnam) Ltd.
106 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 8
Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City
+84 28 3999 1200
+84 28 3999 0638
LI & FUNG Vietnam established in 2009.  We are a member of the LI & FUNG Group - the world's leading corporation in the areas of sourcing and supply chain management (website:

The Company is providing sourcing services, quality control and inspection services to our affiliated companies and head quarter.  In the Asian market, the Group focused on sourcing of textile and apparel products exported to markets in developed countries like the US, Canada and Europe.  We have 2 offices in Vietnam which the main office is in Ho Chi Minh City and one in Hanoi as a Representative Office with 330 permanent staffs.

Main Business Category: Sourcing agency on Apparel & textile including hard-goods business
Hyun Soo Seo, General Manager
Mamcu Fatima, EVP & Vietnam Country Lead