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Uniben Joint Stock Company

Uniben Joint Stock Company
Phan Van Doi Road, Tien Lan Hamlet
Ba Diem Ward, Hoc Mon District, HCMC
+84 28 3712 5697
+84 28 3712 5699
Established in 1992, UNIBEN has a business vision to become a multi-national company with multiple brands. UNIBEN is committed to provide consumers with delicious, convenient, affordable and complementary foods through diversification and the highest levels of health & safety standards, and a right balance with pricing that consumers would like to have, while ensuring sustainable growth that benefits employees, business partners, investors and society.
UNIBEN has two essential brands, including Reeva and 3 Mien, through various products: instant noodles, rice porridge, noodle soup, fish sauce, seasoning to serve local and export demands.
UNIBEN is steadily growing: over 50% Vietnamese household penetration, over 26% volume share… Our key brand “3 Mien” is No.1 Instant noodles brands (Source: Kantar Worldpanel 6/2016)
Embracing 5 core values: customer centric, teamwork, excellence, integrity and discipline, these core values enable our development.
UNIBEN values win-win benefits for sustainable growth with customers, business partners and shareholders through transparency, respect and mutual understanding.
Dung Vu, CEO
Luan Nguyen, Business Development Director