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AIA (Vietnam) Life Insurance Co. Ltd

AIA (Vietnam) Life Insurance Co. Ltd
16 Floor, Royal Tower
235 Nguyen Van Cu, District 1
+84 28 3830 3333
As the world’s 2nd largest life Insurer:

Our Vision is to be the pre-eminent life insurance provider in the Asia-Pacific region.  That is our service to our customers and our shareholders.

Our Purpose is to play a leadership role in driving economic and social development across the region.  That is our service to societies and their people.

AIA meets the long-term savings and protection needs of individuals by offering a range of products and services including life insurance, accident and health insurance and savings plans.  The Group also provides employee benefits, credit life and pension services to corporate clients.  Through an extensive network of agents, partners and employees across Asia-Pacific, AIA serves the holders of more than 29 million individual policies and over 16 million participating members of group insurance schemes.

The primary focus of AIA’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme is Healthy Living – helping people across the region to lead longer, healthier, better lives.
Wayne Besant, CEO
Maria Truong, Deputy Director - Corporate Client