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CNI Vietnam Company Limited

CNI Vietnam Company Limited
39 Tran Dinh Xu, Cau Kho ward
Dist 1, HCM City, Vietnam
+84 28 3920 4535
+84 28 3920 4536
CNI Vietnam has a long term plan to develop its direct sales industry in Vietnam Market. Starting from our products, we constantly improve products to make sure that it always bring the best quality and help people improve their health. Apart from this, CNI Vietnam emphasizes on human capital and invests on human resources. We have many lesson and training courses for distributors and end user to empower them on direct sales and a right viewpoint in Direct sell industry, give them social skills lesson and sharing about our products, to make sure that they understand CNI’ products.

Employees in Vietnam: 22
Subra Sahadevan, Vice President
Chin Tai Cheong, CEO