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WWF-Vietnam (World Wide Fund for Nature)

WWF-Vietnam (World Wide Fund for Nature)
D13, Thang Long International Village
Cau Giay District, Hanoi
+84 24 3719 3049
+84 24 3719 3048
In continual development of the worldwide network established in 1961, WWF started on a national conservation strategy in Vietnam in the 1990s, amongst the first international non-government organizations in the country.
Since then, WWF has worked closely with the government, businesses, and other key players on a range of environmental issues, and implemented various field activities across Vietnam to meet global and local environment challenges.
From consumer-goods giants to leading banks, WWF partners with numerous companies around the world to reduce their ecological footprint, encourage sector and market shifts towards sustainable solutions, redirect financial flows to support conservation and sustainable ecosystem management, and accelerate necessary policy changes for a sustainable future.
In Vietnam, WWF supports businesses to improve operations and value chains to achieve sustainability in: Water stewardship, Aquaculture stewardship, Forest stewardship, efficient resources management, and more.
Co-organizing campaigns with companies, WWF-Vietnam raises awareness of consumers on key environmental issues and encourages their actions.
Through bilateral relationships with the private sector, the organisation raises funds for projects that conserve nature, protect communities’ well-being, and improve people’s livelihoods.

Employees in Vietnam: 63
Thinh Van, Country Director
Nga Nguyen, Corporate Relations Manager