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Godaco Seafood Joint Stock Company

Godaco Seafood Joint Stock Company
Lot 45, My Tho Industrial Park
TienGiang Province, Vietnam
+84 273 3953 227
+84 273 3953 226
Established in 1997 GODACO Seafood is one of the leading producers of Pangasius in Vietnam. What makes GODACO Seafood Unique is its fully integrated value chain from hatchery to farm, feed, processing, value added cooking and food development all covered under leading global seafood sustainability and food quality standards. GODACO Seafood develops and sells globally many seafood products from shrimp, clams, Pangasius catfish, and salmon. Our Seafood Center of Excellence can develop a wide range of seafood products for the food service and retail industry and certify quality, safety, and sustainability throughout the supply chain.

Employees in Vietnam: > 3800
Jonathan F. Wilson, Executive Director
John Nguyen, Chairman’s Assistant