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1108CC Aview, Phong Phu Street Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City
+84 983 552 200
At Smile Train, we use an effective business model that allows us to provide a full surgery for a child at a minimal $250 cost. By focusing on partnering with local hospitals and empowering doctors within those respective communities, we can offer free training and better supplies at an extremely low overhead cost. Our method helps build the relationships between doctor and patient, allowing for follow-up care and a full recovery. When a cleft team is only available in a certain location, for a certain period of time, there are only so many people that they can help. All too often, poor families travel to the cleft site and are not helped because supplies or time has run out. Establishing a permanent program in a local hospital, like we do here, allows every person to get the help they need.

Employees in Vietnam: 1
Nguyen Tri Dung, Country Manager, Vietnam Laos Cambodia
Ashish Sarbahwal, Vice President, Regional Director Southest Asia