Education and Training Committee


Ted Osius, Vice President of Fulbright University Vietnam

Michael Beckman, Russin & Vecchi


Increase the skills levels of the Vietnamese people so that they are more productive in commercial enterprise, can sustain higher value manufacturing and services, and therefore command higher salaries; 2) Increase awareness of U.S. education opportunities, both in the USA and Vietnam.



Committee members will be responsible for:

  1. Attending  80% of the scheduled monthly meetings
  2. Each member collaborating on at least one event that advances one or more of the Committee’s  2014-2015 objectives
  3. Reaching out to individuals and organizations in the education sector in Vietnam and invite them to join Am Cham.

 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES (to be updated)

  1. Assist in the development of a workforce in Vietnam that supports high value-added manufacturing, and creates jobs with higher salaries.  The basis for a solution exists, in part, in the HEEAP program.  
  1. Continue to support and expand the AmCham Scholarship Program. Ongoing critical evaluation of the program in order to assure it meets its goals is important. Adding programs for target groups such as women, vocational training (as compared to university education in the current program), and liberal arts education should be considered.
  1. Encourage Vietnamese women to enter the technology and technical manufacturing sectors through vocational education. This can be achieved by an active PR campaign that stresses the positive aspects of women’s roles in this sector. Expanding the AmCham scholarship program to include technical education scholarships for women is also desirable.
  1. Support the development of high quality vocational education that meets international standards in target industries, which in addition to technology includes hospitality, healthcare, tourism, and training English teachers.  
  1. Use Am Cham knowledge about and connection to American post-secondary education to help Vietnamese members of AmCham make education decisions for their children. This can also be a big selling point on getting more Vietnamese members in Am Cham.
  1. Develop education investment opportunities for US companies
  1. Develop stronger connections between Int’l secondary school communities and AmCham.

 Committee Meeting:

April 16, 2018: Planning Meeting






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