The Current World Economic Deflation: Lessons for the Emerging Countries

Date(s) - 14/04/2016
8:30 am - 10:30 am

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Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon


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160414 CFVG Workshop – The World in Deflation

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The developed countries –notably Japan and some European ones – are going through an amazing situation: their “quantitative easing” monetary policies are unable to raise the inflation rate! Prices of raw materials, agricultural products, energy and some industrial products are depressed and their producers are ailing; emerging countries (China, Brazil) are also slowing down, which strengthens the difficulties of the industrial ones. This situation has a name:  deflation and it has existed in the thirties of the past century. It is a consequence of the 2008 financial crisis and of the ensuing economic policies which have now come to their limits. The most striking feature of this situation is the existence of interest rates close to zero or negative which are ineffectual to support investment and economic activity. However, the governments are still largely reluctant to stimulate economic growth through ambitious public expenditures programs.

The consequences of this economic situation for industrial and service companies in the developed world will be identified. Examples issued from a large European study and cases from the US & Canada will be used to design the rationale behind this situation – a lack of available profitable portfolio of investments. Good practices and “watch dogs” coming from these studies will be proposed for discussion. The ability to extend these criteria to different categories of firms in emerging countries will be presented and discussed. The couples “countries-firms” are heterogeneous in emerging countries. Examples will be brought to the workshop and analyzed. This means that the economic policies to be enforced could be different from one country to the other. A focus will be developed on the Vietnamese case.


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Prof. Dr. Alain ChevalProf. Alainier

Prof. Dr. Alain Chevalier is an Emeritus Professor of Finance former Vice Director General at ESCP Europe. He was also one of founders of the French Finance Association (AFFI) and is a former President of the European International Business Academy (EIBA). He worked as a consultant on complex investment projects, financial engineering and restructuring of companies and debts for banks, large corporations and governments. He is currently the Scientific Co-Director of MEBF program in Vietnam.


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