First Energy Efficiency Network launched in Vietnam

Vietnam’s first Energy Efficiency Network has been officially launched in Ho Chi Minh City, giving a platform for companies to connect and improve energy efficiency.

Speaking at the launch, Markus Bissel, head of the Energy Efficiency component of the project, said, “The objective of the network is to provide a platform to connect companies to improve energy efficiency by sharing and learning from each other.”

He added this would be done by structured processes moderated by German energy efficiency experts. Companies will also benefit from energy audits and advice from qualified local experts, as well as linkage to German technology and services.

The first Energy Efficiency Network was established in 1987 in Zürich, Switzerland. The model has become popular all over the world and has been proven to be an effective initiative to stimulate energy efficiency. In the period of 2014-2020, it is estimated that there will be 500 energy efficiency networks in Germany.

“The rationale behind Vietnam Energy Efficiency Network is that every company has some knowledge in energy efficiency, and it is easier to collectively develop expertise and improve our overall efficiency. Each network comprises only 10-15 enterprises in order to maximise discussion and sharing opportunities. The networks will help companies reduce energy costs, improve productivity and competitiveness. They will also help increase transparency about energy use and data, and foster innovation across sectors,” said Bissel.

The first eight local companies from the textile, paper, logistical, rubber, and plastic sectors would be the first members of the network. German and local consultants will visit selected company sites and provide support for the audit.

Participants include Nam Thai Son Group, No. 7 Garment Co., Ltd., Caosumina Binh Duong, Saigon Premier Container, Dong Tien Binh Duong Paper Co., Ltd., Dong Tien Hung Textile Co., Ltd., An Lac Labels Joint Stock Company, and Liksin Paper Packaging Company.

As one of the most dynamically growing economy in Asia, Vietnam faces an enormous increase in the energy demand that will continue to grow at double-digit rates in the coming years. With regards to energy consumption, industry, transportation, and residential areas are the three biggest electricity consuming sectors.

Vietnam has been paying great attention to the subject of energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is a core element of both Vietnam’s Power Development Master Plan until 2030 and the Green Growth Strategy. In this context, initiatives such as the Vietnam Energy Efficiency Network are important as they could also connect and empower businesses to play a key role in reducing energy costs and improve business efficiency.


Source: First Energy Efficiency Network launched in Vietnam

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