Food and Beverage Committee



Chair: Cao Hoang Nam, Mondelez

Vice-Chair: Le Tu Cam Ly, Coca-Cola Vietnam

Vice Chair: Bui Hong Minh, Suntory Pepsico

Board Liaison: (TBC)


Provide opportunities for networking, internal information activities, and consultations and cooperation with industry associations, governments and international organizations to help improve health and safety in the food & beverage industry sector in Vietnam, as well as in the ASEAN region. A key area of interest for the Committee is to cooperate with other stakeholders in efforts that will help Vietnam’s internationalization and harmonization with the various regional (ASEAN, APEC, TPP) and global systems (WTO SPS, Codex Alimentarius) for food health and safety, to the benefit of Vietnamese farmers, agricultural companies and consumers.


Create a committee of 12 ~ 15 active members that participate regularly (monthly) in committee meetings and events and additional members that may participate less often but want to be kept informed of key developments and upcoming events/meetings.

Identify a few key issues in the committee’s area of responsibility from among issues such as: Transparency and Regulatory Coherence in Vietnam’s Laws and Regulations relating to F&B: track and seek opportunities for consultation with thought leaders and central and local government authorities in Vietnam on changes and implementation of laws and regulations such as: Food Safety Law, Water Resources Law, Tax Law (Excise Taxes, Customs Duties, etc.) Customs Law; Advertising Law, etc.

Reach out to other organizations in Vietnam and the region to align with existing framworks for consultations, support, and technical cooperation, incorporating elements in Vietnam as well as elements in ASEAN, TPP, APEC, etc. that will help Vietnam internationalize and harmonize with standards and regulatory systems the food and beverage sector, to the benefit of Vietnam’s farmers, food and agriculture companies, and consumers.

Organize one or more events/activities in 2013/2914 for the benefit of the Committee membership and industry sector. For example, organize a one-half day conference/roundtable, in cooperation with Vietnam-based related organizations and government authorities, to discuss the common objectives of the Committee and its invited partners, some of the key issues in Vietnam relating to transparency, regulatory coherence, food safety, food security, etc. Another possible activity, would be to cooperate with Food Industry Asia on an event; or organize an activity related to the ASEAN Blueprint 2015 Roadmap for Priority Sector Integration in the Food, Agriculture, and Forestry Sector.

Prepare issues / informational papers on the issues and organizational questions above for use as discussion guidelines in the events, and for distribution on the AmCham web site, as well other communication channels.

2015 Action Plan

2014 Minutes, Presentation and Committee Related Documents (For members only)

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Vietnam Foods and Beverages Working Group

The partners of Vietnam Foods and Beverages Working Group (VFBG), have voluntarily organized ourselves under the direction of VCCI and AmCham to work with key stakeholders to support development and integration of Vietnamese F&B industry.

Draft Charter VFBG – EN

Draft Charter VFBG – VN