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In the Future Thought Leaders series, nationally prominent chefs, fishermen, academics, and activists call on consumers to choose local species of fish when possible to protect the long-term vitality of harvested seafood and the well-being of the oceans. This series was presented by the Berry Good Food Foundation, and the University of California. Some key numbers: 70 to 80% of global fish populations are not sustainably fished. 90% of seafood consumed in the U.S. is imported. 2% of that is inspected by the FDA.

Berry Good Food Foundation


Welcome to the “UC Climate Solutions Channel

The University of California is a national leader in climate science research and identifying best practices for achieving sustainability and mitigating the catastrophic impacts of climate change.

As presented in Bending the Curve, compiled by 50 of the top climate experts in the UC system, the University of California has identified 10 scalable solutions for moving the world toward carbon neutrality.

The UC has set its own goal of becoming carbon neutral on all 10 campuses and national labs of the University of California by 2025.

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