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More than 852 volunteers donated 1,042 units of blood as part of a drive by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) to celebrate World Blood Donor Day on Jun 12, the first day of a multi-day effort organized in cooperation by AmCham, and the HCM City Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. The drive will end on Jun 21, 2017.

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2018 marks the eighteenth year of The AmCham Scholarship Program. During the last 18 years, the program has been devoting to improving the business environment in Vietnam in general, and the HCM City area in particular,  by helping develop high quality human resources for member companies, as well as helping students develop essential professional working skills.

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2017 marks the seventeenth year of The AmCham Scholarship Program. During the last 17 years, the program has been devoting to improving the business environment in Vietnam in general, and the HCM City area in particular,  by helping develop high quality human resources for member companies, as well as helping students develop essential professional working skills.

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More than 866 volunteers donated 1,121 units of blood as part of a drive by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) to celebrate World Blood Donor Day on July 12, the first day of a multi-day effort organized in cooperation by AmCham, and the HCM City Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. The drive will end on July 20, 2016.

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The AmCham Scholarship program is part of AmCham’s efforts to improve the business environment in Vietnam in general, and the HCM City area in particular,  by helping develop high quality human resources for member companies, as well as helping students develop essential professional working skills.

The AmCham Scholarship program was launched in HCM City in 2001, and since then has awarded scholarships to 705 students from 12 leading universities in Ho Chi Minh City.

AmCham Scholarship 2016 Timeline

Wed, 18 May Tech Info Session
Thu, 01 Sep Application Form Opens
Sat, 10 Sep AmCham Scholarship Info Session
Sat, 01 Oct Application Deadline of Group 1 (21h00)
Sat, 08 Oct Application Deadline of Group 2 (21h00)
Sat, 22 Oct Screening Results • English Test Schedule
Sat, 29 Oct English Test
Sat, 05 Nov English Test Results • Ability Test Schedule
Sat, 12 Nov Ability Test (SHL Test)
Sat, 19 Nov Ability Test Results • Interview Schedule
Sat, 26 Nov Interview Day
Sat, 03 Dec Award Ceremony

Get ready!
The ONLY compulsory document you need for the application is your official transcript. At some universities, it may take students a while to ask Administrative Department for a completed GPA transcript with all grades from the first year. So you should prepare it in advance, even before the opening date.

Other optional documents are (1) your English certificate (only if your score is high enough to be exempt) and (2) your certificate of achievement/scholarship/social activity… at university or in the community. Please scan all the files and save in PDF format.


The AmCham Scholars will be:
– Provided with financial support of 10.000.000VND in cash
– Recognized by nearly 500 AmCham companies
– Provided with credits for job application purposes after graduation and other related purposes (e.g. summer job, internship, further scholarship, etc.)
– Invited to some AmCham functions
– Entitled to join AmCham Scholars Alumni/ae Club

Contact us
Please scroll down for more details of the scholarship. If you have any question, feel free to send us via or call 08 3824 3743. You may visit AmCham Scholarship Fanpage as well via the following link.


Undergraduate students of bachelor degree in their:
+ third year or above at Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City (including International University, University of Economics and Laws, University of Information Technology, University of Science, University of Social Sciences & Humanities and University of Technology), Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City, Banking University of HCM City, Hoa Sen University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education and Eastern International University; and
+ fifth year or above at School of Medicine – Vietnam National University in official full-time academic year 2016 – 2017.

– With cumulative GPA of all previous years not lower than 7.0 for scale of 10 or 3.0 for scale of 4 (Click here for details).
– Active participation in school/social/community service activities.
– Able to communicate fluently in English.
– Students are only eligible to apply ONCE ONLY, so please consider carefully before submitting your application.

***NOTE: “How to be considered as an undergraduate student?. Please refer to FAQs Page (Section “2. APPLICATION QUALIFICATIONS”) to find out.



We have arranged an Online Application to facilitate students applications. It should take about 45 minutes to complete. Kindly note, as you are working on the application, you can log out and return as many times as you wish. Your answers will be saved by the system. However, once you have submitted your application, you cannot revise it. If you notice any mistakes, please contact Scholarship Management Team via


From September 01 to October 08, every Monday at 5pm, all applicants please refer to this link for the List of Completed Applications.

In order to screen all applications thoroughly, we would like to set 2 deadlines for 2 groups of universities. Please kindly check carefully below:

Group 1(21:00 – 01 Oct, 2016)
* Banking University
* Foreign Trade University
* Hoa Sen University

Group 2: (21:00 – 08 Oct, 2016)
* Eastern International University
* Ho Chi Minh City University of Law
* Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education
* VNU HCMC – International University
* VNU HCMC – School of Medicine
* VNU HCMC – University of Economics and Laws
* VNU HCMC – University of Information Technology
* VNU HCMC – University of Science
* VNU HCMC – University of Social Sciences & Humanities
* VNU HCMC – University of Technology


Please click HERE to go to FAQs Page of AmCham Scholarship 2016.


Please click HERE to go to Management Team Page of AmCham Scholarship 2016.


– Please bear in mind that we only accept application forms created from 01/9/2016, which mean your app number must be 2016xxxx.
– Language used in all rounds is English
– Please note that you can submit your application for the Annual AmCham Scholarship ONCE ONLY, so please prepare carefully
– If we find any evidence to show that any part of your application is incorrect or plagiarized, we have the right to decline your application and withdraw your award or candidate status within the AmCham Scholarship program. Therefore, be honest with your application.


– Photos of Award Ceremony
– Videos of Award Ceremony on VITV and HTV9


2016Sponsor 5

1. Cash Sponsor (Platinum): AIA Vietnam Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
2. Cash and Product Sponsor (Platinum): Suntory PepsiCo Viet Nam Beverage
3. Cash Sponsor (Diamond): AmCham Vietnam Direct Selling Committee
4. Cash Sponsor (Diamond): Amway Vietnam Co., Ltd
5. English Test Sponsor (Diamond): Axcela Vietnam
6. Cash Sponsor (Diamond): Cargill Vietnam Limited
7. Cash Sponsor (Diamond): Johnson & Johnson (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
8. Advertisement and Magazines (Diamond): Nhip Cau Dau Tu
9. Venue Sponsor (Diamond): Riverside Palace
10. Cash Sponsor (Diamond): Vietnam Esports
11. English Course Voucher Sponsor (Diamond): Yola Institute
12. Cash Sponsor (Gold): Dow Chemical Int’l Ltd Rep. Office
13. Cash Sponsor (Gold): Oriflame Vietnam
14. SHL Test Sponsor (Gold): Talentnet Corporation
15. Cash Sponsor (Gold): Unilever Vietnam
16. Product Sponsor: PepsiCo Foods Viet Nam
17. Product Sponsor: Thai Ha Books
For more details of 2016 AmCham Scholarship Sponsorship, please refer to the following link:


Or contact:
*Ms. Nguyen Thi Mai Huong – Program Manager
Tel: +84 3824 3518 /ext 104
*Ms. Doan Thi Minh Phuong – Sponsorship Lead
Tel: +84 127 974 8694

Posted: 15 April, 2016 – Updated: 30 December, 2016.

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welcomed hundreds of interested students on Sep 5 to a morning session at the Riverside Palace. This is the AmCham Scholarship’s 15th anniversary, 2001 – 2015, and 50 scholarships valued at VND 10,000,000 each and 30 scholarships valued at VND 4,000,000 each will be awarded to students from 12 leading universities in Ho Chi Minh City.

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More than 860 volunteers donated 1,103 units of blood as part of a drive by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) to celebrate World Blood Donor Day on June 14, the first day of a multi-day effort organised in cooperation by AmCham, the HCM City Humanitarian Blood Donation Centre, Red Cross HCM City, and the HCM City Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. The drive will end on June 24.

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feature image

ACWES 2015 Award Ceremony on HTV9

ACWES 2015 – Facts & Figures

ACWES 2015 Award Ceremony- Press Release (ENG)

ACWES 2015 Award Ceremony – Press Release (VIET)


The American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AmCham Vietnam – HCM City Chapter) in cooperation with Intel Products Vietnam and Axcela Vietnam will award 30 merit-based scholarships (VND 6.5 million each) and 16 English courses at Axcela Vietnam (equivalent VND 8 million each) to female engineering students who achieved the highest results throughout ACWES 2015 assessment rounds.

The Program this year has achieved those note-worthy outcomes thanks to the significant support from 4 leading Universities in training high-tech human resources in the South, including:

  1. HCMC University of Technology (UT): Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
  2. University of Technical Education HCMC (UTE): Faculty of Machinery Manufacturing Technology; Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  3. Can Tho University (CTU): College of Engineering Technology including Department of Electronics and Telecommunication; Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation; Department of Mechanical Engineering
  4. International University – Vietnam National University of HCMC (newly incorporated into the 2015 Program): School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

ACWES was founded in 2011 under the name AmCham-Intel Female Engineering Scholarship, with the participation and sponsorship of Intel Products Vietnam; later Coca Cola Vietnam and Axcela Vietnam. The Program is a part of community activities from AmCham and AmCham’s members operating in production – engineering, training in order to support and develop female human resources in high-tech fields in Vietnam. The Assessment Process for ACWES 2015 includes 2 phases: Application Form Screening and Interview with HR Specialists from AmCham and partners. In addition, together with the interview, the female students also take the English test provided by Axcela company to evaluate English skills. Candidates’ performance on each round show their efforts to achieve the scholarship, their positive determination in English and soft skills improvement.

ACWES does not only provide students with financial aid, but also brings more chances for them to familiarize themselves with a variety of job opportunities and useful information from high-tech companies involved in the Program. Realizing these valuable benefits, female engineering students have great enthusiasm in applying for the Program. Sustainable development of ACWES can be seen through more and more submitted applications every year, regardless of the moderate number of female students in engineering.

With the Program’s success throughout the years, in 2013, ACWES Alumnae Group was established to create a favorable environment for its members’ self-improvement through all the internal and external activities, as well as to provide useful information for their career orientation from a practical point of view.

An ACWES Scholar in 2011 & 2012, Ms. Nguyen Huynh Truc Linh (currently working at Intel Products Vietnam) shared her thoughts, “AmCham Women in Engineering Scholarship was a prestigious scholarship. I had practical experience and received useful advices from AmCham and Intel HR Specialists. My job opportunities also came from ACWES as I had chance to join IT Department at Intel. People at Intel are awesome. They helped me get involved in many activities, teach me how to work effectively and have work-life balance. ACWES generously supports me to grow up and be stronger. I sincerely appreciate all those things!”

Ms. Uyen Ho, Corporate Affairs Director of Intel Products Vietnam shared: “The scholarship is a visible sign of Intel’s commitment to promote diversity in Vietnam high tech industry. We have committed to support Vietnam students, in particular female students. We are happy to see the success of the program over the past five years and we hope that many more companies will join us in this program to support Vietnam female technical students”.

Mr. Herb Cochran, Executive Director of AmCham Vietnam, said: “Since the beginning to ACWES establishment, AmCham believes that women play an important role in science and engineering. Madame Marie Curie is always promoted as a vivid example, she astonished the whole world when winning double Nobel Prizes for Physics (1903) and Chemistry (1911). In modern times, women have proved themselves to be the indispensable resources for science and engineering. The journey of seeking and encouraging talented women to participate in high-tech fields will mark more five-year milestones in the future .”

Dan Tri Newspaper, HCM City Website, HTV News, Saigon Times

Photo Album

IMG_0765 IMG_0771



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World Wildlife Fund Vietnam “It requires an accumulation of joint efforts from various sources to conserve Vietnam’s nature”, said Dr. Van Ngoc Thinh, Country Director of WWF-Vietnam, “Green Bike is only a short event, but hopefully the long-term effect will come from its 1000 participants who will continue to echo further the significance of protecting Vietnam’s flagship species and their habitats. Saola – a large mammal species discovered in the 20th century in Vietnam, for example, not only has tremendous values to the world and Vietnam’s biodiversity, but also symbolizes our country’s exquisite nature.”

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Poster web

We hope to receive wonderful photo not only to treasure AmCham’s World Blood Donor Day 2015 memories but also to represent our thanks to all the blood donors. Your works can capture any special moments of the event or any happy facial expressions from our volunteers and donors who are saving lives… Sincere and meaningful comments will add deeper impression and more agreement from our judges. Let’s get your photos spread the slogan of the program.

Theme: “Thank you for saving my life”

It focuses on thanking blood donors who save lives every day through their blood donations and strongly encourages more people all over the world to donate blood voluntarily and regularly with the slogan “Give freely, give often. Blood donation matters.”

What to enter:

  • An appealing photo taken at the AmCham’s World Blood Donor Day from June 03 to June 24, 2015 at any location.
  • A brief comment or title for the photo
  • Place and time the photo taken
  • Personal information: Full name, Company, Position, Email address, Phone number

How to enter:

Please register for a spot in the competition by filling out the form here by June 9th, 2015.

After receiving confirmation from AmCham, please send us your photo with required information (as above) via email: Email’s subject should be: WBDD 2015 – Photo Contest. Each participant can submit more than 1 photo.

Deadline for applications: 

11:59pm, Sunday, June 14th, 2015 (all except Datalogic Vietnam)

11:59pm, Friday, June 26th, 2015 (Datalogic Vietnam)

AmCham will post photos and comments in an album on AmCham’s World Blood Donor Day fanpage. The votes (2 like = 1 share = 1 point) of each photo will be translated into bonus points.

The voting period:

09:00am, Monday, June 15th – 09:00am, Thursday, June 19th, 2015. (all except Datalogic Vietnam)

09:00am, Saturday, June 27th – 09:00am, Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 (Datalogic Vietnam)

Hacking techniques for like & share in any format are prohibited.


–        Every photo requires a title/comment and location and time of taking the photo.

–        Candidate should be participants in AmCham’s World Blood Donor Day 2015.

–        Color, or black & white images.

–        No retouching or Photoshop techniques (montage or double exposure) to be applied to the images.

–        The picture size should be less than 8MB.

–        AmCham could use all submitted photos in public communication.

Scoring criteria:

–        35% Artistic expressions

–        35% Appealing aspects

–        15% Title/Comment

–        15% Votes on Fanpage

Prizes: (TBC)

–        Most Impressive Photo – the one with best features and comments: Certificate, camera backpack and gift (1 prize)

–        Outstanding Photo – top ten photos with highest total marks: Certificate and gift (10 prizes)

Result: Winners will be announced via email and Fan Page  on Monday, July 06th, 2015

Judging Panel:

Tran Thanh Son

Ly Dang Khoa

Dao Nhat Huy

10570490_269750709888825_8644030223347115576_n 10561656_269750633222166_8951833975554524721_n

2014 Photo Contest Winners

2014 Photo Contest Award Day

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