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As the year draws to a close, we sincerely thank AmCham companies, members, and business associations and government partners for their friendship and cooperation during the year in our efforts to help make Vietnam the best business and investment destination in Southeast Asia.

We wish you all health, happiness and prosperity in 2018, the TET Lunar Year of the Dog !

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Company Listings and Announcements

Why Advertise in the Membership Directory

  • • Daily used by AmCham members and their employees
  • • Quick way to find contact details of AmCham members
  • • Valuable source of information for firms considering investment in Vietnam
  • • Promotes your products and services and enhances your company’s image within the Southeast Asian business community
  • • Year-long exposure
  • • Free advertisement on AmCham website ( for booking and payment made before December 30, 2017
  • • Circulation: 1,700 copies, approx 440 pages, dimensions: 19cm x 26cm. Perfect bind, soft laminated cover
  • • Published date: April 2018

The Directory reaches

  • • AmCham members in Vietnam
  • •AmCham Offices in the Asia-Pacific Region
  • • Vietnamese government offices
  • • Visitors to HCMC to explore business opportunities


  • • Special offer: December 30, 2017
  • • Booking: December 31, 2017
  • • Payment: December 31, 2017
  • • Artwork: February 28, 2018


Fill in the Advertising Booking Form below. Any questions, please call Cindy Tran at 3824 3714 or send email to

Advertising Fees

** Free Ad on AmCham website for booking and payment made by December 30, 2017**

Advertising space / Location Size W x H (cm) Normal Rate (VND) Free Ad on Website
Back cover * – Color 17 x 24 60,000,000 2 months – 260 x 125px
Inside Front cover, left * – Color 17 x 24 50,000,000 2 months – 260 x 125px
Inside Front cover, right * – Color 17 x 24 50,000,000 2 months – 260 x 125px
Inside Back cover, left * – Color 17 x 24 50,000,000 2 months – 260 x 125px
Inside Back cover, right * – Color 17 x 24 50,000,000 2 months – 260 x 125px
Bookmark – Color 8.5 x 22 45,000,000 2 months – 260 x 125px
Inside Full Page – Color 17 x 24 35,000,000 1 month – 260 x 125px
Inside Full Page – B/W 17 x 24 24,000,000 1 month – 260 x 125px
Inside Half Page – Color 17 x 11.5 18,000,000 1 month – 260 x 125px
Inside Half Page – B/W 17 x 11.5 12,000,000 2 months – 125 x 125px
Inside Quarter Page – Color 8 x 11.5 10,000,000 2 months – 125 x 125px
Inside Quarter Page – B/W 8 x 11.5 7,000,000 2 months – 125 x 125px

* Priority offered to 2017 advertisers. If there is no commitment by November 15, new advertiser will be offered based on first-come-first-served.

Ads will be reserved but not confirmed until payment is received in full.

Special offer will no longer be valid if payment is not received by December 30, 2017

Advertising Booking Form

AmCham Membership Directory 2018 - Advertising Booking Form

** Free Ad on AmCham website for booking and payment made by December 30, 2017**
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  • Payment Policy

    • * Priority offered to 2017 advertisers. If there is no commitment by November 15, new advertiser will be offered based on first-come-first-served.
    • Ads will be reserved but not confirmed until payment is received in full.
    • Special offer will no longer be valid if payment is not received by December 30, 2017
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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Welcomed hundreds of interested students on Sep 09 to an afternoon session at Hoa Sen University. This is the AmCham Scholarship’s 17th anniversary, 2001 – 2017, and 60 scholarships valued at VND 10,000,000 each will be awarded to students from 15 leading universities in Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong Province.

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Below is a list of students with completed applications, including:
– (1) all questions answered in compulsory sections,
– (2) the REQUIRED scanned overall GPA certificate with the official stamp of the university,
– (3) the OPTIONAL scanned copy of your Achievement certificate (if any).

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AmCham’s Supplier Day 2017 will be held on September 13, 2017.

Ngày hội các nhà cung cấp AmCham 2017 sẽ được tổ chức vào ngày 13/09/2017.

Below is the list of manufacturers joining the event:

(Dưới đây là danh sách các Nhà Sản Xuất sẽ tham dự chương trình)

1.BlueScope Buildings Vietnam


Industries: Pre-engineered Steel Buildings, Construction (Nhà máy thép tiền chế, Xây dựng)

Looking for Suppliers in:

  • Logistic: Hậu cần:Công ty cung cấp nhà kho, xưởng cho thuê

  • F&B : Nhà  cung cấp dịch vụ tư vấn liên quan đến ngành thực phẩm và đồ uống

  • Office Buildings Investor / Owner:  Nhà đầu tư hoặc Công ty  xây toà nhà, cao ốc .

  • Constructions / Builders: Tìm Công ty xây dựng/Nhà thầu xây dựng

2. BriskHeat Vietnam


Industries: Mfg Thermal Jackets (Semi-conductor)

Looking for Suppliers in:

  • Packaging: bao bì
  • Shippers
  • High-quality industrial adhesive tapes: Băng keo công nghiệp chất lượng cao
  • Metal fasteners: Phụ kiện kim loại
  • CNC sheetmetal, fold up packaging

BriskHeat Vietnam makes flexible cloth heater jackets for the semi-conductor industry.

3. Coats Phong Phu


Industries: Manufacturing sewing thread
Looking for Suppliers in:
  • Packaging: Blow / Injection (Plastic cone, PP sleeve…), Carton boxes, Labels (Bao bì: ép phun, thổi, thùng cacton, nhãn in)
  • Chemical: dyeing, Reisin, Basic chemical…. (Hóa chất: nhuộm, reisin, hóa chất cơ bản,…)
  • Facilities: all scopes of facility management (Thiết bị: quản lý thiết bị)
  • Spare parts: machinery, spareparts in the textile industry (Phụ tùng: máy móc, phụ tùng ngành dệt may)
  • Services: Construction, Fleet, Logistics (customs brokerage, transportation, warehousing…) (Dịch vụ: xây dựng, vận tải, logistics (môi giới hải quan, vận tải, kho bãi))

4. Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam


Industries: FMCG (Hàng tiêu dùng nhanh)
 Looking for Suppliers in:
  • Marketing services: marketing tools (POSM), event, customers seminar (Dịch vụ marketing, vật phẩm quảng cáo, sự kiện, hội thảo chăm sóc khách hàng)
  • Plastic items: ice bucket, table, shelves, chair. Especially on plastics racks. (Nhựa: thùng đá, bàn, ghế, đặc biệt giá đỡ nhựa)
  • Dịch vụ sữa chữa thiết bị lạnh ngoài thị trường
  • Dịch vụ thi công lắp đặt bảng hiệu, quán ăn, cửa hiệu…
  • Employee Benefit : Nhà cung cấp dịch vụ suất ăn công nghiệp, nhà cung cấp đồng phục  ( áo thun, áo sơ-mi, quần, nón, quần áo bảo hộ lao động) , Ba-lô
  • Others : nhà cung cấp quà tặng , thiết kế website , event , teambuilding
  • Equipment maintenance service
  • Engineering service
  • Facilities maintenance services : cleaning service, general building construction service, …
  • Chemicals Supply
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning)

5.East West Industries Vietnam

Industries: Contract Manufacturing
Looking for Suppliers in:
  • Metal stamping: Kim loại đập
  • Packaging: Bao bì
  • Electronic part and component: Linh kiện điện tử
  • Hardware: Phần cứng (ốc vít, tấm đệm…)
  • Operating supplies: Công cụ phụ trợ
  • MFG tooling: Thiết bị đo CNC (Khuôn mẫu cơ khí chính xác)

6. Medovations Vietnam (formerly Sandhill)


Industries: Medical (Thiết bị y tế)
Looking for Suppliers in:
  • Plastic packaging: Bao bì nhựa
  • Brushes: Cọ dùng trong y tế
  • POMrubing- Medical grade: Ống tubing – dùng trong y tế

7. Nestlé Vietnam

Industries: Food & Beverage

Looking for Suppliers in:

  • Packaging, Dairy, Cocoa, Ingredients, Promotion items

8. PEB Steel Buildings Co., Ltd


Industries: Pre-engineered Steel Buildings (main products: warehouse, factory, and all steel structures)

Looking for Suppliers in:

  • Logistics
  • Bolts-nuts-screws: Bu-lông, ốc vít
  • Steel coils: Tấm cuộn thép
  • Insulation: Vật liệu cách nhiệt
  • All accessories used for steel industry: Tất cả các phụ kiện cho ngành công nghiệp thép.
  • Textile and garment, animal feed, fertilizer, chemical, automobile, pharmaceutical, F&B, shoes and leather, storage, logistics center, stadium, etc

PEB Steel provides complete solutions from design to manufacturing to erection of your Pre-engineered Buildings (PEB) needs. PEB can be applied to a wide range of uses including factories, warehouses, showrooms, aircraft hangars, heavy industry to event specialized conditions such as highly corrosive environments involving fertilizer and waste treatment. PEB Steel customers list comprises of many prestigious customers such as Nike, IKEA, General Electric, Proter and Gamble, DB Schenker Vietnam, Lufthansa, Aeon, Doosan, Hyundai, Samsung, Unilever, Sapporo, Budweiser, Heineken, Vietcombank, Vinamik, TH Milk, Megastar, Lavie, etc. Let your new project be designed, manufactured and erected by PEB Steel Buildings.

9. Penflex Vietnam Co., Ltd


Industries: Flexible metal hose

Looking for Suppliers in:

  • flanges (mặt bích),
  • fittings (phụ kiện ngành ống),
  • packaging (đóng gói),
  • forwarder (dịch vụ vận chuyển),
  • precision strip and wire (dải thép tấm và chỉ inox)

Chúng tôi là nhà sản xuất ống khớp nối mềm đến từ Mỹ có lịch sử từ 1902. Chúng tôi cần nhà cung cấp từ nguyên vật liệu đến dịch vụ vận chuyển và đóng gói. Penflex Corp is the leading manufacturer in flexible metal hose and braid products since Y1902. Our primary focus is on Corrugated Metal Hose. We manufacture a wide variety of hoses, from lightweight highly flexible hose to extra heavy walls for corrosive or high pressure applications. Our size range is 1/4 “-12” (6-300mm), with alloys 321, 316L, Monel, Inconel and Hastelloy as well as others. Our business model is to produce bulk hose and braid and sell it to companies that fabricate finished assemblies as well as manufacture of finished assemblies built to order.

10. Procter and Gamble

Industries: Costumer Goods

P&G is the world largest FMCG consumer goods company

Looking for Suppliers in:

  • Customized package solution (more personalization, capability of providing combination of plastics, paper etc.): Giải pháp trọn gói theo yêu cầu (thiết kế theo yêu cầu, khả năng kết hợp các sản phẩm nhựa, giấy vv…)
  • Service provider, who can liquidate aged (not expired yet) product to secondary markets, or have special channel/clients for large amount of sell: Nhà cung cấp dịch vụ có khả năng thanh lý sản phẩm cũ (chưa hết hạn) tới thị trường thứ cầp hoặc có những kênh/khách hàng đặc biệt có thể mua số lượng hàng lớn.
  • Display, merchandising Solutions (standee, shelving, leaflets, displays, etc.): Những giải pháp trình bày, bán hàng (standee, giá đỡ, tờ rơi, kệ trưng bày, vv…)

11. Schaeffler Vietnam

Industries: Bearings for automotive and industrial/Sản phẩm bạc đạn cho ngành công nghiệp chế tạo ô tô

Looking for Suppliers in/Tìm nhà cung cấp: Mechanical/Precision/: Gia công cơ khí/Cơ khí chính xác

12. Supply Chain Service International

SCSI Mall Sign

Industries: Warehousing, Warehouse Management, Quality Management, Lean Manufacturing Support, Audit- and Supplier Certification Support, Containment.

Looking for Suppliers in:

  • PP Material and PP Packaging supplier, 12V electrical wires and low voltage harness supplier, electrical connector supplier, screw supplier, Die- Casting, Manufacturer/Supplier looking for support and training in QM process, quality control, lean manufacturing, auditing, vendor managed inventory, warehouse management.

13. Suntory Pepsico Vietnam Beverage 

Industries: FMCG (Hàng tiêu dùng nhanh)
Looking for Suppliers in:

– Fabrication: mold preparation, mechanical elements

– Camera system maintenance

– Deep wells system maintenance

– Civil work for factories

– MEP for beverages factories: process automation, water & waste water treatment, process piping, tank, utility

– Marketing metal rack

– POSM production

– POSM installation service

– Promotional gifts

14. UPS Vietnam 

Industries: Logistics

Looking for Suppliers in:

  • Retails, Garment, Footwear, furniture, Electronic part and component, Plastics, Maintenance, Hardware and building supplies, Operating supplies, MFG tooling, Packaging, etc

UPS (NYSE: UPS) is a global leader in logistics, offering a broad range of solutions including transporting packages and freight; facilitating international trade, and deploying advanced technology to more efficiently manage the world of business. Headquartered in Atlanta, UPS serves more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. The company can be found on the web at and its corporate blog can be found at To get UPS news direct, visit or follow @UPS_Asia.

14. Vilube Corp


Industries: Lubricants (dầu nhớt)

Looking for Suppliers in:

  • Packaging: Bao bì
  • Transportation: Vận chuyển
  • Base Oils & Additives: Dầu gốc và phụ gia

16. WAHL Vietnam


Industries: Manufacturing

Looking for Suppliers in:

  • DC Motor (Ff- 130): (Tham khảo spec của motor FF-130 của Mabuchi)
  • Adapter (charger): Bộ cấp nguồn giống như charger của điện thoại
  • Blister thermoforming supplier: Khay nhựa định hình
  • Stamping: Dập kim loại
  • Injection & stamping tooling manufacturer: nhà sản xuất khuôn ép nhựa và khuôn dập
  • Color printing: In hộp màu ( từ 5 màu trở lên)

Please refer the web: for more understand about the products

 17. Walmart Global Sourcing


Industries: Sourcing

Looking for Suppliers in:

  • Home Decoration: sản phẩm trang trí trong nhà (nến, chân nến, khung ảnh, sản phẩm thủ công mỹ nghệ…)
  • Gardening tools: dụng cụ làm vườn (bao tay, xẻng nhỏ, chậu, lọ, bình tưới,…)
  • Foods: các loại thực phẩm có thể được bày bán được trong siêu thị



 AmCham Supplier Day 2017 Main page

(Trang chính của Ngày hội  “Tìm kiếm Nhà Cung Cấp nội địa cho các Doanh nghiệp Sản Xuất của Hiệp Hội Thương Mại Mỹ tại Việt Nam”)

Manufacturers to register here

(Nếu bạn muốn tham gia với tư cách là Nhà Sản Xuất, đăng kí tại đây)

Suppliers to register here

(Nếu bạn muốn tham gia với tư cách là Nhà Cung Cấp, đăng kí tại đây)

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Click here to see the 2017 Board of Governors Biographic Information

Name Company Term*
Michèle Auerbach 7-Eleven, Inc. 2017-18
Walter Blocker Vietnam Trade Alliance 2017-18
Fred Burke Baker & McKenzie 2016-17
L. Mason Cobb Victoria Healthcare International Clinic . 2016-17
Kurt Droeshout Procter & Gamble Vietnam 2017-18
Mark Gillin AIM-America Indochina Management 2017-18
Michael Hoe-Knudsen InterContinental Saigon 2017
Bradley LaLonde Vietnam Partners LLC 2017-18
Kevin Moore Vietnam Waste Solutions 2017-18
Jonathan Moreno . Medovations Vietnam 2017-18
John Nguyen DiCentral Vietnam 2016-17
Gina Proctor Intel Products Vietnam 2016-17
Amanda Rasmussen ITL Corporation 2017
John Rockhold ABBO Investment Consultancy & Engineering 2016-17
Keith Schulz Vilube Corporation 2017-18
Uday Sinha Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage 2016-17
Jocelyn Tran Walmart Global Sourcing Vietnam 2017-18
Sesto Vecchi Russin & Vecchi 2016-17


Note: Governors are elected for a two year term.

2016-2017 indicates those elected in connection with the Dec 2015 Annual General Meeting, whose terms are from Jan 2016 – Dec 2017.

2017-2018 indicates those elected in connection with the Dec 2016 Annual General Meeting, whose terms are from Jan 2017 – Dec 2018.

Click here to see the 2016 Board of Governors • Biographic Information

Click here to see the 2016 Board of Governors • List of Governors

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December 2016


CTC Vietnam Co. Ltd.


Emeritus Institute of Management


Fujita Corporation


Southern Airports Services JSC


The Caterers


Vets With A Mission


November 2016


Bolloré Logistics Vietnam Co. Ltd


Digital Age Dental Laboratories Co., Ltd




Premium Deluxe Design Ltd.


October 2016


An Loc Nguyen Co. Ltd.


GO Fintech LLC


Hoa Binh Construction and Real Estate Corporation


The Representative Office of Baxco Pharmaceutical, Inc in HCMC


September 2016


AES Holdings B.V. in Hanoi


CapitaLand Vietnam Real Estate Management


DTK Logistics Solutions Co., Ltd.


Ricons Construction & Investment JSC


Samtec Inc.


Uniben Joint Stock Company


August 2016


Groupe SEB Vietnam / Vietnam Fan JSC


Minh Pham Brothers Corporation


QL International Education


The Representative Office of Diversey Hygiene (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in HCMC


July 2016

Sutrix Solutions


Academy International Ltd.


Amanoi Resort


Nestle Vietnam Co., Ltd.


Prudential Vietnam Assurance Ltd.


Vietnam Wine Tours


June 2016


Ben Thanh Technology Solution Co., Ltd.


Best World Vietnam Co., Ltd


iGlocal Resource JSC


Karta JSC


Li & Fung


SonKim Land Corporation


The EZLAW Firm


The Representative Office of VF Asia Limited in HCMC


Vietnam USA Society English Centers


May 2016


First Alliances


Greystone Data Systems Vietnam Ltd.


iGlocal Resource Joint Stock Company


Li & Fung (Vietnam) Ltd.


April 2016


ADEN Services (Vietnam)


Bach Khoa Investment and Development of Solar Energy Corp.


French-Vietnamese Center for Management Education (CFVG)


Green Speed Co.


Larion Computing


Sun Flower Media


The Representative Office of Honeywell in Ho Chi Minh City


The Representative Office of Scanwell Logistics in HCMC


March 2016


ADEN Services (Vietnam)


AVIS Vietnam (An Hoa Phat Rent A Car Company Limited)


Hotel Nikko Saigon


I am Dream Catcher Ltd.


Manpower Vietnam Co., Ltd.


McLarty Associates


Minh Hoang Garment Company




Rentokil Initial Vietnam


Supply Chain Services International (SCSI)




TIRO Consulting Services JSC (Vietnam)


VCCorp Corporation


February 2016

logo_2015 An Huy B.T Co., Ltd.
logo_2015 Arkansas State University
logo_2015 California Southern University
logo_2015 Duffy Agency
logo_2015 Harvey Law Group Limited
logo_2015 Pacific Cross Vietnam
logo_2015 Tan Khoa Distribution Corporation


January 2016

logo_2015 7-Eleven, Inc. (Viet Nam Branch)
logo_2015 A&B Concepts Company Ltd.
logo_2015 Bates Chi & Partners Vietnam
logo_2015 BNP Paribas Vietnam
logo_2015 Dai Phat Group Corporation
logo_2015 Hermes Power Investment Corporation
logo_2015 i-VY
logo_2015 Kizuna JV Corporation
logo_2015 Night & Day Security Services Co., Ltd.
logo_2015 PSL Co., Ltd.
logo_2015 QNB Rep Office in HCMC
logo_2015 r-pac Vietnam Company Ltd.
logo_2015 Saigon Asset Management
logo_2015 Steelman Partners Vietnam Co., Ltd.
logo_2015 Sullivan, Krieger, Truong, Spagnola & Klausner, LLP



New AmCham Companies 2015

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