TPP is viable: Secretary of State John Kerry

Now, it’s no secret that the future of the Trans Pacific Partnership is uncertain. I can’t predict what the new administration is going to do with respect to trade, but I can tell you that the fundamental reasons for the TPP haven’t changed. The fundamental need of countries to be able to sell their goods to other countries hasn’t changed. And the United States of America cannot grow and get stronger unless we too are able to sell goods to the other 95 percent of the customers in the world.

So we are going to have some very important choices to make, the United States, Europe, Asia, Vietnam, individual countries. We’re going to have to work through how TPP is going to be worked out in a way that works for everybody, and how to advance our economic and our strategic relationships with partners in this region, so that the momentum of the last few years is not lost.

Vietnam also will have choices to make. I hope you are going to agree with me that the values that are embedded in TPP, the fundamental value, a rules-based approach to economic relations, higher standards on labor, on the environment, safeguards against corruption, these values are consistent with Vietnam’s interests and the demands of the Vietnamese people themselves for good government and for economic opportunity. I will tell you, even if you didn’t have TPP, every one of the values I just described would be worth holding onto.

Regardless of what happens on TPP, Vietnam’s commitment to reform will only deepen its integration into global markets and it will enable Vietnam to promote even greater entrepreneurship and innovation.

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hU.S.-Vietnam: A Partnership that Will Endure, Remarks by John Kerry , U.S. Secretary of State, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, January 13, 2017

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