Trump, China’s President Xi have “very candid, very positive” talks

President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping established a new framework for high-level negotiations on a range of issues and pledged to make progress on trade negotiations within the next 100 days during meetings here Thursday and Friday, top US officials said. China Daily said both parties appeared “equally enthusiastic about the constructive relationship they have promised to cultivate.” 

“This may sound surreal to those preoccupied with an ‘inescapable’ conflict scenario between what they see as rising and incumbent powers,” the newspaper wrote in an editorial.

“But that Beijing and Washington have so far managed to do well in preventing conflicts shows confrontation is not inevitable.”

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson touted the first summit between the leaders of the world’s two largest economies as a success and said Trump and Xi enjoyed “very frank, very candid” discussions that were “very positive.” The officials signaled that the trading relationship between the two countries and North Korea’s nuclear program were at the top of the agenda during the meetings, which took place over 24 hours at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

The two leaders agreed to a 100-day plan to review the trade relationship with China, to increase cooperation on ending North Korea’s nuclear program and concurred that the missile threat from North Korea had reached an urgent stage, according to Cabinet officials who described the meetings.

The two sides also agreed to a series of future meetings to tackle additional economic and security issues as well as U.S. concerns about Chinese cyberattacks. Xi invited Trump to visit China later in the year.

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