Weekly Updates 2016


Dec 26: China’s NME Status, Vietnam Visas, Renew Membership, TET Holidays
Dec 19: New Board Members 2017-2018, Renew Membership, Update profile for Membership Directory 
Dec 12: FedEx CEO supports TPP; WB – VN’s Economic Outlook; Governors’ Ball Prize Winners List
Dec 05: TPP is not dead; Minimum Wage 2016; Annual General Meeting
Nov 28: TET Lunar New Year; Membership Renewal; Directory
Nov 21: Investment Funds’ Opportunity with OPIC;  Governors’ Ball
Nov 14: Administration Gives Up on TPP …? Global Product Safety & Compliance; Governors’ Ball
Sep 19: TPP benefits U.S. whiskey exports; VTV DigitalTV; GE Wind Power; Governors’ Ball
Sep 12: PM approves NCTF; Expat Explorer; Global Product Safety Conference
Sep 05: TPP helps SMEs; Customs unimproved; HCMC Smart Traffic System
Aug 29: Sen. Hatch: “TPP in lame duck;” Airports Expansion; Low Quality Coffee
Aug 22: Vietnam’s TPP Implementation; 2017 Minimum Wage; Members’ Night; Food Safety
Aug 15: Food Safety; TPP Statement; Ashley Grand Opening; Members’ Night
Aug 08: TPP prospects in “lame duck” session; Country-specific implementation plans
Aug 01: Fisheries dispute; TPP prospects in “lame duck” session; Food safety efforts needed
Jul 25: Minimum Wage, Vietnam Pension System, Customs Assistance for U.S. Exporters, TPP Update 
Jul 18: GDP up 5.5%, CBP’s “Global Entry”, Food Safety – Fish, TPP Update
Jul 11: Investor Survey 2016, TPP Update, $45,000 in Raffle Prizes for Winners
Jul 04: $45,000 Raffle Prizes for Winners, More Technical Assistance for TFA, TPP remaining issues
Jun 27: ADB supports Vietnam, cautions on SOEs; U.S. fashion firms share sourcing strategies
Jun 20: China is not a Market Economy, Food Safety not trusted, Listed firms must adopt IFRS
Jun 13: New Era in U.S. – Vietnam Relations; TPP Impact on Vietnam’s Legal Reforms; Fake Fertilizers
Jun 06: TPP in Lame Duck Session; Cargill opens 11th plant in Vietnam; Bosch invests more
May 30: President Obama in Vietnam; U.S. ITC Initiates Investigation of Steel Products from China
May 23: President Obama in Vietnam, EU Parliament: China is NME, Food Safety
May 16: Obama Visit, USTR: TPP Vote in 2016, ITC Report on TPP Impact, Coal-fired Power a Disaster
May 09: VN GDP Growth 6.3% (IMF); Drought hurts coffee production; Steel execs: China is NME
May 02: Vietnam-U.S. Relations; WTO DG visits Vietnam, highlights TFA; U.S. Steel complaint vs. China
Apr 25: Mekong Delta suffering worst drought in nearly a century; TPP trade opportunities
Apr 18: TPP: focus on implementation; U.S. Seafood imports; TPP outlook in U.S. Congress
Apr 11: Prime Minister’s meeting; U.S., China MOU to end China’s export subsidies; Members’ Night
Apr 04: One-year, multiple-entry visas for AmCits; Food safety concerns; New U.S. FDI
Mar 28: Is Vietnam ready to reap benefits of TPP? Unions in transition; U.S. leading source of FDI
Mar 21: Apple to invest $1 billion ? 500 Startups to invest; PV, Target, IFC partner for sustainability 
Mar 14: 500 Startups launches $10mm Fund, NA vote on 7 laws, Engineering Education, APBO 2016
Mar 7: People’s Committee Meeting, Vietnam 2035, Vietnam Engineering Education, APBO 2016
Feb 29: Vietnam Engineering Education Conference, Joining Global Supply Chains, Vietnam 2035
Feb 22: TPP to increase VN exports by 30%, Macroeconomic Implications, Sander Levin Opposes 
Feb 15: U.S.-ASEAN Summit & TPP, Car Sales Soar, EU-VN FTA Available Online, Dams on the Mekong
Feb 08: TET Lunar New Year; TPP signing on Feb 4; Congressional consideration of TPP
Feb 01: TET Lunar New Year; Meaningful public-private consultations needed to make Vietnam competitive – World Bank
Jan 25: TPP Entry into effect: two years, three scenarios; FDI Exports 71% of total; Walmart Supplier Development
Jan 18: ITC Hearings on TPP, ANA Buys Stake in VN Airlines, Party Congress, TET
Jan 11: Walmart Conference, Directory, TPP Hearing, Party Congress, TET, NETFLIX
Jan 04: Walmart Supplier Development; ITC Public Hearing on TPP; National Party Congress; TET

Dec 28: Party Congress in Jan; TET 2015; AmCham Scholarship 2015; Governors’ Ball Prizes, Photos
Dec 21: Season’s Greetings; AmCham Scholarship 2015; Governors’ Ball Prizes, Photos; TPP Vote
Dec 14: Governors’ Ball Raffle Winners; TPP Vote; Business Groups, Advisory Committees on TPP
Dec 7: Governors’ Ball Raffle Winners, Silent Auction; TPP Debates; ITC hearing on TPP
Nov 30: TPP 90-day notice of intent to sign, NZ offers to host TPP signing, ITC hearing on TPP
Nov 23: Minimum Wage, ITC Report on TPP, U.S. FDA New Rules on Food Imports
Nov 16: U.S. Congress TPP in 1st half of 2016? $300 million to support U.S.-ASEAN agricultural trade
Nov 09: Inadequate IP Protection in TPP, 90-day notice before signing given, AmCham Supplier Day
Nov 02: TPP Text Made Public on USTR, MoIT Web Sites, AmCham Supplier Day
Oct 26: Finance Committee Chair on TPP, 15 Best Retail Companies, More Labels with “Made in Vietnam”
Oct 19: TPA-TPP Reference Documents, Vietnam’s TPP Ratification, Customs Instructions, Cybersecurity
Oct 12: TPP Summary, Vietnam Consumer Trends, Members’ Night, Cybersecurity
Oct 05:  Marathon TPP talks to conclude Oct 4; Dengue fever in Vietnam
Sep 28: TPP Trade Ministers meet Sep 30-Oct 1; Auto rules-of-origin the key factor
Sep 21: TPP will be concluded this year; Auto rules-of-origin a key factor
Sep 14: TPP will be concluded this year, U.S.-VN Double Tax Treaty, TPP Approval Process
Sep 07: Minimum Wage 2016, AmCham Scholarship 2015, Angsana Lang Co
Sep 01: Minimum Wage 2016, Congressional Role in TPP Approval, Angsana Lang Co
Aug 31: Minimum Wage 2016, Congressional Role in TPP Approval, Angsana Lang Co
Aug 24: 3% billion FDI in textiles, Sep TPP talks restart, Textile sector in TPP, Angsana Lang Co
Aug 17: TPP 98% done, Starbucks exports Vietnam coffee, Bad debts, Fall Weekend Lang Co
Aug 10: Minimum Wage 2016, EU-VN Free Trade Agreement, 20th Anniversary Celebration
Aug 03: TPP: No deal in Hawaii, Secretary Kerry visit to Vietnam, 7-Eleven arrives in Vietnam
July 27: Textiles and apparel in TPP, Positive impact on Vietnam’s Apparel Industry; Food Safety 
July 20: 2016 Minimum Wage, Jabil to add $500 million to SHTP investment, VN Apparel Exports to USA to top $11 billion
July 13: 20th Anniversary, TPP Meetings in Hawaii, July 4th Prize Winners, More Boeings for VN
July 6: TPP to be concluded by Fall? $1.2 bn more FDI in textiles (for TPP), July 4th Prize Winners
June 29: TPA signed into law, TPP to be concluded soon;  Independence Day
June 22: Trade Bills Advance, India Invests $300mn in textiles in Vietnam, Independence Day
June 15: House approves TPA; VBF; World Blood Donor Days, Independence Day Celebration
June 8: House may vote on TPA this week; Green Bike 2015; Manufacturing Committee Visits DataLogic
June 1: House to consider TPA in June; India, Thailand, S Korea Plan FDI in Vietnam to benefit from TPP
May 25: U.S. Senate Approves TPA; Conversations with ASEAN Insiders; Vietnam: World’s Workshop
May 18: U.S. Senate Vote on TPA, TAA on May 21 ; Conversations with ASEAN Insiders
May 11: TPP Labor Standards; Why U.S. Textile Industry supports TPP; Palooza Party
May 4: VN National Assembly: “From Words to Action;” U.S. Administration lobbies for TPA/TPP
Apr 27: TPA bill approved by committees in April; by Congress before May 25 _ April 30 Celebrations
Apr 20: TPA bill introduced; Congressional leaders reach deal; Democrats civil war over free trade
Apr 13: US Defense Secretary supports TPP, Vietnam manufacturing base, Shrimp Anti-dumping 
Apr 6: Global Middle Class Spending; Tourist arrivals down, visa fees to be increased_ Uber in HCM City
Mar 30: Asian Development Outlook 2015; P&G to invest $100 million in new Gillette razor factory
Mar 23: Minority Leader Pelosi to visit Vietnam, Sander Levin leads Democrats on TPP, Vietnam accounts for 43% of Nike brand footwear 
Mar 16: Business protests curb on used equipment imports; VINATEX invests for TPP; HCMC Metro 
Mar 9: Gov’t wants more reforms; “Doing Business” Ranking; Politburo to decide Long Thanh
Mar 2: HCMC to improve business climate; PM targets needed; US officials promote TPA, TPP
Feb 23: TPP Supports SMEs, Worker Rights Concerns, On-line Shopping, A/P Business Summit
Feb 16: Tết Lunar New Year, Labor Obligations in FTAs, West Coast Port Disputes, A/P Business Summit
Feb 09: Tết Lunar New Year, Vietnam’s prudent steps toward AEC 2015, APCAC Business Summit
Feb 02: “Zombies” haunt Vietnam, “A path forward for TPP,” APCAC Business Summit, Regulatory harmonization essential for ASEAN
Jan 26: VN-U.S. discuss TPP conclusion, Global middle class consumers, FDI up for TPP, ASEAN 
Jan 19: Japan-U.S. target March TPP Agreement, ASEAN Single Market, TET Holidays
Jan 12: TPP conclusion near, New Congressional leaders support TPA/TPP, TET Holidays
Jan 05: PM receives Amb Osius, Membership Directory, TET Holidays, APCAC Business Summit


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