Workplace dialogue to minimise disputes under revised Labour Code

workers and employers dialogue

The new law now also requires the organisation of regular dialogue on topics related to the basic rights of employees such as the right to be offered information, the right to voice their own opinions, and the right to watch and inspect a company’s operations, he said.
San added that one notable point was the Ministry has actively had the new Labour Code translated into an official English version so that it could be well understood by FDI enterprises.
He said decrees instructing the specific implementation of certain provisions within the Labour Code would also be translated to ensure all enterprises could access the laws easily without having to use unofficial translations for reference.
“We are planning to organise a very big training course within the fourth quarter of the year, which will involve representatives of all relevant parties in the north and the south. Participants will be briefed on the contents of the Labour Code and its instructive Decrees,” San said.
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