AmCham Scholarship 2015 – Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the schedule for announcing results of the three phases of the selection process?

Click this link to see the complete schedule of the AmCham Scholarship 2015 Program.

The schedule for deadline for announcing results is:

Sat, 17 OctResults of Screening – Schedule for English Test
Sat, 31 OctResults of English Test • Schedule for Ability Test (SHL Test)
Sat, 14 NovResults of Ability Test (SHL Test)
Sat, 05 DecAmCham Scholarship Award Ceremony and Results

The complete schedule for AmCham Scholarship 2015 Program is:

Wed, 20 MayTech Information Session
Mon,17 AugApplication form opening
Sat, 05 SepAmCham Scholarship Information Session
Sat, 26 SepCountdown To Application Deadline of Group 1
Sat, 03 OctCountdown To Application Deadline of Group 2
Sat, 17 OctResults of Screening – Schedule for English Test
Sat, 24 OctEnglish Test
Sat, 31 OctResults of English Test • Schedule for Ability Test (SHL Test)
Sat, 07 NovAbility Test (SHL Test)
Sat, 14 NovResults of Ability Test (SHL Test)
Mon, 16 NovSchedule for Interviews
Sat, 28 NovAmCham Scholarship Interview Day
Sat, 05 DecAmCham Scholarship Award Ceremony and Results

Are there any award quotas among participant universities?

No, we confirm that we do not set any quotas among participant universities. Our objective is very clear. AmCham Scholarship is to select the best students for the awards. We treat applicants from different universities equally and fairly without any bias or discrimination. Through our strictly processing criteria, we believe that every applicant has an equal opportunity to achieve AmCham Scholarship.

What benefits can AmCham Scholars receive?

When you are selected to be an AmCham Scholar or even a runner-up, you will become a member of AmCham Scholars Alumni (ASA). As our member, you will enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • Be invited to many ASA (AmCham Scholar Alumni/ae) seminars. These are great learning events with influential speakers and various topics.
  • Take a myriad of opportunities to visit AmCham member companies. While learning about company operations, you may have the chance to approach internships and job positions.
  • Build unforgettable memories with ASA. Members enjoy monthly team building event and year-end party.
  • Learn from other ASA members. This is a great chance for you to learn and improve yourself.

What is the best way to communicate with the AmCham scholarship management team?

Please remember your application ID. Always type this ID in the subject line when communicating with the admin at [email protected].

Application Qualifications

I’m currently a 4th year student in HCMUT, Faculty of Electrical & Electronics. Am I eligible for this scholarship?

Yes, of course you are. If you are currently a third year and above but not graduate student of the universities listed on the AmCham Scholarship 2015 page, you are eligible to apply regardless of your major.

My GPA is 7.1, comparatively low. Should I apply for the scholarship?

You are cordially encouraged to apply. All applications with 7.0 GPA or higher are treated equally. In addition, we will look at your social activities and career orientation. Therefore, do not worry. You will create your own opportunity when you apply.

I have just received the PETRONAS English scholarship. Am I still eligible?

We have no constraints about this matter. The main purpose of this scholarship is to award Vietnamese Young Talents. Therefore, please feel free to apply for this scholarship.

Last year, I spent nine months studying abroad in an exchange student program. I’ve just come back and continue pursuing my bachelor degree in University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Am I eligible?

Yes, you are. If you are currently a third year and above but not a graduate student of the universities listed on the AmCham Scholarship 2015 page, then you are welcome to apply.

I am a final year student of Foreign Trade University but I am 25 years old. Can I apply?

Yes, you can. There is no age limit for AmCham Scholarship Applicants as long that you meet all criteria. Please refer to the who can apply section for detailed information.

My GPA is higher than 7.0. However, I feel inferior with my extra curriculum activities. Should I apply?

Don’t worry too much about this. Our procedure is professional enough to spot the qualified applicants. Have confidence in yourself!

Is it important to provide my achievements and career orientation?

Absolutely! This is a must and will contribute to your score to pass the application screening round. If we find any evidence to show that your statement is incorrect, we have the right to decline your application and withdraw your award. Therefore, be honest with your statement.

Online Application

How can I access the application form?

Please click on this link to go to ONLINE APPLICATION

When can I access the online application?

The application will be available on August 17, 2015.

What document should I prepare before filling out the online application?

The ONLY required document you need before starting the application is your official GPA certificate. This should be the completed GPA with all grades from the first year. Please scan this file in PDF format. Other optional documents are (1) your English certificate (also in PDF format) if your result is higher than our threshold, and (2) your Certificate (in PDF format) related to your Achievement at school or in the community.

Should I send the documents related to my social and community activities, or the prizes that I have obtained?

As answered on previous questions, yes. If you have the supporting document relating to your Achievement, please upload it on your Online Application form.

Can I modify my application? How?

We strongly encourage that you have everything ready before you start working on the online application, including your GPA, the optional English certificate, and Achievement certificate. Though the system will save your answers as you are filling out the form, and you may log out and return as often as you wish, we encourage that you complete the application in one sitting. Once you have submitted your application, you cannot revise it. If you notice any mistakes, please contact [email protected]

How do I know if my online application has successfully reached the scholarship team? Will you send me an email notification?

Every 5pm on Saturday we will upload the completed application list on our website . If you do not see your name on this list, even though you have completed the online application and successfully uploaded your GPA, please send an email to [email protected] Don’t forget to enter your application ID in the subject line.

If a network problem occurs when I am submitting my application exactly when it is due, my application might be late for a few minutes. Will you accept this late application?

Unfortunately, the answer is “No”. Our system automatically stops receiving applications when the deadline arrives. Therefore, please keep the deadline in mind and apply early.

How can I prepare PDF file for Scholarship Application?

We strongly recommend that you scan your GPA Certificate and the optional English Certificate in PDF formatnot in JPEG, PNG, or any other version. This will be the easiest and most convenient method. Please note, during scanning do not let your file become too large or you may have problem with the upload system. However, if your scanner is not available for PDF format, there are a lot of tools to help you convert your JPEG/DOC file into PDF.

Adobe Acrobat Professional is a powerful software to convert any file types into PDF format. If your computer already has this software, please find the “Create PDF” button on the toolbar or on the “Get Started with Adobe Acrobat Professional” introductory window. To get Acrobat Pro, you must pay or use it in trial mode. There is also free software which will allow you to convert your file into PDF format. PrimoPDF is free to download and easy to use.

In addition, many websites let users convert their file into PDF format online. The followings are most commonly used, some websites may require you to register before getting full access:

Create Adobe PDF Online
Online PrimoPDF Converter
Free PDF Converter

Please note that when converting, always make sure to keep your PDF file as small as possible. We recommend that each file should not exceed 4MB. You can compress your PDF file with the Adobe Acrobat Professional software.

English Test

Can I have some information about the English test?

After the initial screening of applications for the AmCham Scholarship 2013, about 350 applicants will be selected for the English Test. Usually, the test comprises of two parts, reading and listening. The answers are under the form of multiple choices. Depending on your English skills, the test will take about one hours (maximum) to complete. Please click this link for more information about theAbout the English Test. The applicants are encouraged to arrive at the test venue 15 minutes earlier to check in.

What score level do I need to pass the English test?

It depends on the English level of all participants but history data shows at least upper-intermediate level.

Abilities Test

Can I have some information about the Abilities test?

The Abilities Test (SHL) consists of Verbal Critical Reasoning and Numerical Critical Reasoning. Please click this link for more information about the About the Abilities Test .


Could we have more information about the Interview in English?

After the Ability Test , the top 100 students will advance to the Interview round. Click this link to see the Schedule for Interview in English. The Interview will be conducted on Saturday, 28 November 2015 . Please click this link for more information about How to Prepare for an Interview.

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