AmCham Scholarship – Ability Test

Find the ability test schedule of AmCham Scholarship 2018 here.


The AmCham Scholarship Ability Test is a paper-based test provided by TalentNet Corporation. The test is based on the internationally standardized SHL Test, which includes 2 sections:

Verbal Managerial Graduate (VMG) test ( 35 mins)

The VMG tests are designed to measure the ability to evaluate the logic of various kinds of argument. Candidates are required to answer questions which require verbal reasoning using information contained in passages of text. You are given 3 options to choose from: ‘True’, ‘False’ or ‘Cannot Say’ which is determined based upon the information contained in the passage. Only 1 of the options is correct. Those with English as their first language may have an advantage over others; however the low cut-offs or requirement criteria to pass will ensure that no one is discriminated against. It is advised that candidates practice as much as possible.

Numerical Managerial Graduate (NMG) test  (25 mins)

The NMG tests are designed to measure the ability to make correct decisions of inferences form numerical or statistical data. Candidates are required to answer questions which require numerical reasoning using information provided in tables and charts. You are given  several options to choose from, only 1 of which is correct. The level of mathematics required is no more than that obtained at GCSE level. Simple arithmetic, calculation percentages and ratios, and interpreting graphs will definitely help. It is advised that candidates practice as much as possible.


*** It is a paper-delivered test
*** Just google “SHL test” and you will have millions of free sample tests to practice
*** Candidates are allowed to bring 3 items into the testing room: 01 copiedoriginal ID card/passport/driving license, and calculator


The days before
– PRACTICE makes perfect
– Good health and spirit conditions:
+ Get to bed early the night before the test
+ Tell yourself: It is just test, and a little bit nervous is entirely natural

You could visit our fanpage for test practice

On the test date
– Arrive 15 mins early at least – nothing worse than rushing at the last minute
– Get yourself fully armed: glasses (if any), CALCULATOR, original ID card, Student card
– Good health and spirit conditions (again)

During the test
– Listen carefully to the instructions. ASK if anything remains unclear
– Don’t get bogged down – skip difficult questions or you will have no time for the next ones
– Make the best out of yourself

Good Luck!

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