AmCham Scholarship 2016 – About the English Test

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TIME:Saturday, 29 Oct 2016
VENUE:University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City
-268 Ly Thuong Kiet, District 10
TESTING ROOMS:A5-106 (Room 1 & 2)

Axcela Demo Test – Types of Test Questions

There are several types of questions in the Placement Test, including:

This multiple-choice type of question generally focuses on vocabulary or grammar points, such as which form of a verb to use. Students read a sentence and then indicate which of four choices correctly completes the sentence. These questions are timed, and students have one chance to answer them.
English Test 1

A second type of question focuses on listening comprehension. For example, the student may hear a question or statement and have to answer or complete it with the correct choice of a word, number, phrase or sentence.
English Test 2
In these types of questions, the student has only one chance to get the correct answer. If a question times out, the question will be repeated once. If the question times out a second time, the program will move on to the next question and students will not have another chance to come back to that question.
English Test 3

In the third type of test item, students are asked to move a set of words or phrases into the correct places within a sentence.
English Test 4
In this type of test item, students have one chance. Students are also allowed to time out once before the program moves on to the next item. Please note that each time a student moves a word, the timer begins again, providing the student with enough time to complete that test item, though if the student spends too much time on several such test items, the test itself will eventually reach its time limit and end.

In the latter parts of Part 2 of the Placement Test there are several sentence-ordering items. For these test items, students should read the sentences and then decide the order.
English Test 5
In this example, sentence B comes first, followed by C and then A. Students have one chance to get the answer.These items test a student’s ability to see how items within one sentence refer to items in other sentences and help to express a sequence.


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