AmCham Scholarship 2016 – Application Guidelines

We have arranged an Online Application to facilitate all candidates. It should take you about 45 minutes to complete. Kindly note, as you are working on the application, you can log out and return as many times as you wish, and your answers can be saved as draft. However, once you have submitted, you cannot revise your application. If you notice any mistakes, please send us an email to [email protected] or call 08 3824 3743.

From Sep 01 to Oct 08, 2016, every Monday at 5pm, all applicants please refer to this link for the list of Completed Applications.

– If we find any evidence to show that any part of your application is incorrect, we have the right to decline your application and withdraw your award or candidate status within the AmCham Scholarship program. Therefore, be honest with your application.
– Please note that applicants for the AmCham Scholarship can submit once only, so please prepare carefully.
– Language used in all 4 rounds is English.

For the Online Application, you will receive instructions on how to upload the following documents:

REQUIRED: a scanned copy of your original GPA Certificate transcript for all previous years. You don’t need to translate your GPA transcript into English. Click HERE for some examples.

– a scanned copy of your English certificate for exemption of English Round – but only if you’ve reached one of these levels:
+ TOEIC: 900 or above
+ TOEFL iBT: 90 or above
+ IELTS: 7.0 or above (with all skills from 6.5)
For exemption, in the Application Form, you should upload your certificate, which must be issued after Oct 08 2014 in case of expiration.
– a scanned copy of your Achievement Certificate.


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