ADB: policy tightening will lower inflation

Sep 15, 2011. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) on September 14, recommended that Vietnam continue to maintain its tightened policy in order to lower inflation.

In its Asian Development Outlook 2011 Update (ADO Update), the ADB said Resolution 11, a comprehensive policy package, has made good initial progress by helping the exchange rate to stabilise, allowing foreign reserves to be replenished, and lowering monthly inflation outcomes during June – August.

GDP growth quickened in 2010, supported by recovery in exports and an accommodative monetary policy. Inflation hit double-digit rates by year-end, and the currency slid. Moving to restore macroeconomic stability, the authorities in February 2011 unveiled comprehensive measures including tightened fiscal and monetary policies. Partly as a consequence, economic growth is forecast to moderate this year, then pick up next year. Inflation is seen subsiding late in 2011 and further in 2012. The immediate challenge is to follow through on the policy tightening; the longer-term one is to reinvigorate structural reforms.

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