AmCham Scholarship 2006

In partnership with National University of Ho Chi Minh City (NUH), AmCham will grant scholarships to 20 top students of NUH including: University of Polytechnique, University of Natural Sciences, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Economics.

The AmCham Scholars will be:

  • Recognized by over 325 AmCham member companies
  • Provided with credits for job application purposes after graduation and other related purposes (e.g. summer job, internship, further scholarship, etc.)
  • Invited to some AmCham functions
  • Provided with financial support (US$ 500/scholarship)

    Who can apply?

  • Final year students of National University of Ho Chi Minh City; in official full-time scheme
  • With annual GPAs of all previous years 7.0 or above
  • Active participation in school/social/community service activities
  • Able to communicate in English

    Schudle / Timeline (please reconfirm this schedule regularly. There may be some changes.)

    Sa, 09 Sep 06Advertising posters and applications available @ campuses and online
    Tu, 10 Oct 06Deadline to submit application
    Sa, 21 Oct 06Screening • Guidelines for Screening Committee
    Fr, 27 Oct 06 Announcement of Results of Screening
    Su, 05 Nov 06 English Test • The Apollo Placement Test (1)
    We, 08 Nov 06 Announcement of Results of English Test
    Sa, 11 Nov 06 Ability Test • Numerical Critical Reasoning (2)
    We, 15 Nov 06 Announcement of Results of Ability Test
    Sa, 25 Nov 06 Interview in English by HR Committee Members (3)
    Sa, 16 Dec 06AmCham Scholarship Award Ceremony

    (1) English Test sponsored by Apollo Education and Training
    (2) Ability Test conducted by PricewaterHouseCoopers
    (3) Interview in English conduced by AmCham member company Human Resources Experts; Skills evaluated include: Communication, Career Orientation, Teamwork, Creativity, Rational Decision Making, and Leadership. Click here for some hints on how to prepare for your interview: Interview Preparation.


    Please click here to download an AmCham Scholarship 2006 Application Form.

    Application forms are also available from your participating university/faculty.

    You must complete the application and submit it to your participating university/faculty no later than 10 Oct 2006.

    If you have questions, please

    Click here to email to:
    Ms. Pham Bich Thuy
    AmCham Scholarship Project Manager
    Country Talent Manager
    Unilever Vietnam

    Click here to email to:
    Ms. Vu Xuan Thuy Duong
    AmCham Scholarship Communication Team Leader
    HR Recruitment & Selection Manager

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