AmCham Scholarship 2018 – Frequently Asked Questions


The AmCham Scholarship program is part of AmCham’s efforts to improve the business environment in Vietnam in general, and the HCM City area in particular, by helping develop high quality human resources for member companies, as well as helping students develop essential professional working skills.

The AmCham Scholarship program was launched in HCM City in 2001, and since then has awarded scholarships to 815 students from 15 leading universities in Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2018, 3 new universities are added to the list of university partners: Ton Duc Thang University, University of Finance and Marketing, HCMC University of Technology (HUTECH) which increases the total number of university partners into 18.

Below is AmCham Scholarship 2018 Timeline

Tue, 04 SepApplication Form Opens
Sat, 08 SepInformation Session Day 1
Sat, 15 SepInformation Session Day 2
Thu, 11 OctApplication Deadline of Group 1 (22h00)
Thu, 18 OctApplication Deadline of Group 2 (22h00)
Mon, 29 OctScreening Results
Sat, 10 NovAbility Test (SHL Test)
Fri, 16 NovAbility Test Results • Interview Schedule
Sat, 24 NovInterview Day
Sat, 01 DecAward Ceremony

The AmCham Scholars will be:
– awarded 12,000,000 VND in cash
– Recognized by nearly 500 AmCham companies
– Provided with credits for job application purposes after graduation and other related purposes (e.g. summer job, internship, further scholarship, etc.)
– Invited to some AmCham functions
– Entitled to join AmCham Scholars Alumni/ae Club

***Note: Please remember your application ID. Always include this ID in your message when communicating with our team at [email protected] or call 028 3824 3743.

Please note that English is the ONLY language used in THE WHOLE PROGRAM.

No, there isn’t any. However, AmCham Scholars are encouraged to join ASA group’s activities, as well as support AmCham Scholarship Management Team during the program in the following years.

AmCham Vietnam does not guarantee that you will get a job after the program. However, when you join ASA group, there will be much more chances to find a new job as the group is a great network for you not only in future career but also lifestyle, soft skills…


Please use the GPA transcript of academic years (in scale 5) to apply for AmCham Scholarship. You do not need to convert scale 5 into scale 10.

Yes, you are.

You are not required to join the Information Session. We only encourage you to. The Information Session is organized to give you official information about AmCham Scholarship: How to apply, Timeline and Selection Process. If you can join, you will have more preparations for the scholarship. If you can not, follow our website and facebook fanpage for more updates. Apply now!

You must be studying at least one subject or writing your thesis until Oct 18, 2018 to be considered an undergraduate.

We would like to add more details as below:
– For School of Medicine – Vietnam National University: at least you have finished your 4th academic year, but has not completed all subjects/credits to be recognized as a undergraduate (including thesis)
– For other universities: at least you have finished your 2nd academic year, but has not completed all subjects/credits to be recognized as a undergraduate (including thesis).

Yes, of course you are. If you are currently a third year and above but not graduate student of the universities listed on the AmCham Scholarship 2018 page, you are eligible to apply regardless of your major.

Yes, you can. There is no age limit for AmCham Scholarship Applicants as long that you meet all criteria. Please refer to the Who can apply? section for detailed information.

Yes, you can but ONLY IF this program is an official course of your university’s curriculum. To ensure your eligibility, please send us an email to [email protected] or call 028 3824 3743.

No, you can not as this program is not an official course of your university’s curriculum. Besides you are not admitted as a student of the university from the entrance exam either. To ensure your eligibility, please send us an email to [email protected] or call 028 3824 3743.

Please note that there is NO RESTRICTION on your studying major. Students in all majors from eligible universities are welcomed to apply. Good luck.

We have no constraints about this matter. The main purpose of this scholarship is to award Vietnamese Young Talents. Therefore, please feel free to apply for this scholarship.

Yes, you are. If you are currently a third year and above but not a graduate student of the universities listed on the AmCham Scholarship 2018 page, then you are welcomed to apply.

AmCham Scholarship evaluate candidates through a variety of criteria: education, social activities, achievements, work experience and career orientation. The reason for choosing this set of criteria is because AmCham do know that every person has their own strengths and weaknesses. If you are not good at education, your work experience will make up for it.

Don’t worry. Our procedure is professional enough to spot the qualified applicants.

You are cordially encouraged to apply. All applications with 7.0 GPA or higher are treated equally. In addition, we will look at your social activities and career orientation. Therefore, do not worry. You will create your own opportunity when you apply.

Absolutely! This is a must and will contribute to your score to pass the application screening round. If we find any evidence to show that your statement is incorrect, we have the right to decline your application and withdraw your award. Therefore, be honest with your statement.

Your major is considered as Technical. Please note that there is no restriction of major in AmCham Scholarship 2017.

We are very sorry but the answer is NO. AmCham Scholarship is a merit-based program, so no bias is allowed.

Please keep in mind that you can apply for AmCham Scholarship ONCE ONLY. If you have completed and submitted your application, you are not allowed to apply in the following years.


No, you can not.

No, you dont.

Refer to

AmCham Online Application Form is officially opened on 04 Sep 2018 and closed on 18 Oct 2018

The ONLY required document you need before starting the application is your official GPA certificate. This should be the completed GPA with all grades from the first year. Please scan this file in PDF format. Other optional documents are your Certificates (in PDF format) related to your Achievement at school or in the community.

As answered on previous questions, yes. If you have the supporting document relating to your Achievement, please upload it on your Online Application form.

You should consider carefully and choose your best (or most influential) achievement/ activity/ experience in your student life. Then, our Process Team will evaluate your application according to the selection criteria.

We strongly encourage that you have everything ready before you start working on the online application, including your GPA, the optional English certificate, and Achievement certificate. Though the system will save your answers as you are filling out the form, and you may log out and return as often as you wish, we encourage that you complete the application in one sitting. Once you have submitted your application, you cannot revise it. If you notice any mistakes, please contact our team via [email protected].

Every 5pm on Monday, from 4st Sep 2018 to 18th Oct 2018 we will upload the Completed application list on our website . If you do not see your name on this list, even though you have completed the online application and successfully uploaded your GPA, please send an email to [email protected]. Don’t forget to include your application ID in the message.

We are sorry but the answer is NO. Our system automatically stops receiving applications when the deadline comes. Therefore, please keep the deadline in mind and apply in time.

We strongly recommend that you scan your GPA Certificate in PDF formatnot in JPEG, PNG, or any other version. This will be the easiest and most convenient method. Please note, during scanning do not let your file become too large or you may have problem with the upload system. However, if your scanner is not available for PDF format, there are a lot of tools to help you convert your JPEG/DOC file into PDF.
***Note: Please note that when converting, always make sure to keep your PDF file as small as possible. We recommend that each file should not exceed 4MB. You can compress your PDF file with the Adobe Acrobat Professional software.


Please click this link for more information.


Please click this link for more information.

Please click this link for more information about How to Prepare for an Interview.

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