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422 AmCham staff, friends and family donated blood during the 1st AmCham World Blood Donors’ Day, organized in HCM City by the AmCham Corporate Social Responsibility Group, in cooperation with (1) the Hospital of Hematology and Blood Transfusion and (2) Ho Chi Minh City Humanitarian Blood Donation Center of Red Cross Ho Chi Minh City.

Report to WHO

Photo Highlights: AmCham’s World Blood Donor Day, Jun 14, 2011
WHO web site
HCM City People’s Committee web site

TV News and Media Clips

HTV 9, 4:02 min, featuring Rick Howarth, CEO, Intel Products Vietnam
FBNC, 1:18 min, featuring Doris Marqhardt, GM New World Hotel, and Rick Yvanovich, CEO TRG Internaitonal
VTV 1, 1:01 min, featuring Dr. Mason Cobb, CEO & Founder, Victoria International Health Care Clinic
View and download the Media Report, pdf file, 2.1 MB
View and download the Quotes from AmCham Board Members & Volunteers, pdf file, 43.6 KB

AmCham CSR Group organized teams at the following locations:

Nike, Metropolitan BldgAmy Nguyen, Le Van, Sumit Dutta
Avery Dennison FactoryPhuong Ngo, Phuc Le
Victoria Int’l Health CareCindy Tran, Dr. Mason Cobb
Intel Products VietnamQuynh Nguyen and Rick Howarth
New World HotelMimi Pham, Doris Marquardt, Rick Yvanovich

World Blood Donor Day Fact Sheets

AmCham World Blood Donor Day in HCM City
WHO World Blood Donor Day
AmCham Press Release: World Blood Donor Day in HCM City

About the AmCham CSR Working Group

The CSR Working Group consists of the following teams: Events Group (Community Development Events), AmCham Scholarship Group, Grants (to small VN NGOs) Allocation Team, Assessment (Audit) Team, PR Team. The Leadership Team consists of the leaders of each of the component teams, and includes:

Board LiaisonWalter Blocker, CEO, VN Trade Alliance
Events Ms. Hoang Ha, Public Affairs, Citibank
Scholarship Tam Nguyen, GE Aircraft Engines
.Ms. Quyen Ho, Staffing Manager, Pepsico Vietnam
Grants AllocationPhuc Le, HR Manager, Avery Dennison
Assessment (Audit) Ms. Vy Bui, Intel Products Vietnam
PRMs. Thao Nguyen, PR & Marketing, Chi Communications
World Blood Donor Day Ms. Hoang Ha
International Coastal Cleanup Day Mr. Ngoc Quoc Vu, Intel Products Vietnam
Secretary Phuong Ngo, AmCham
Coordinator Amy Nguyen, AmCham

Mission: Networking, Information-Sharing, Problem Solving
The CSR WG Mission is to (1) provide networking opportunities for AmCham company executives/staff with responsibility for CSR, Community Development, Community Relations, etc. to get to know each other through informal networking events; (2) information-sharing opportunities for these same executives/staff, so that they can share “best practices” in organizing their company CSR/CD/CR activities (for example, how to organize a company treeplanting outing); (3) Direct Action / Problem Solving, that is, joining together in organizing events and activities to raise awareness of and to address social problems in sectors such as education, environment, health care, etc.
Read more: CSR Working Group Action Plan, 2011 pdf file, 2.4 MB

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