VNACCS/VCIS Implementation and Customs Risk Management

Customs 450x-An update on the new system, the underlying law, decree, circulars, and international commitments. All exporters and importers will be required to use the system starting Apr 1. View and download the presentation: VNACCS -VCIS & Customs Risk Management, Feb 27, 2014.

We have expressed some concerns and made recommendations to VN Customs in a January 27 letter, including a request for a “grace period” before applying sanctions, in the form of administrative fines or penalties, due to inadvertent errors based on misunderstandings by users or officials, or instances of noncompliance by importers, exporters, customs brokers or logistics providers caused by systems issues; the moratorium should last until 270 days (three quarters of a year) after defined targets, such as publication of the circular(s) providing regulatory guidance, and testing of the system based on a statistically appropriate sample of users under the principle of customs risk management.

Learn how the new system may affect your business.

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VNACCS/VCIS and Customs Risk Management
Nestor Scherbey, CEO, CTRMS
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The new system is being put in place in connection with Vietnam’s commitments in the ASEAN Economic Blueprint 2015, ASEAN Single Window, the WTO “Bali Package” Trade Facilitation Draft Agreement, and the upcoming TransPacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement. The objectives are: to speed up customs procedures; make trade easier, faster and cheaper; provide clarity, efficiency and transparency; reduce bureaucracy and corruption, and use technological advances. We expressed some concerns about some aspects of the implementation and made some recommendations in a January 27 letter to Vietnam Customs.

About the Speaker

Nestor Scherbey founded Customs, Trade & Risk Management Services, Ltd. after a career as a licensed U.S. Customs Broker. He was a pioneer in the application of the U.S. Foreign Trade Zones program to the automotive industry with VW, where he was Foreign Trade Supervisor. Later, as Director of Amway Corporation Global Trade Operations, he developed new markets through U.S. export and destination market import operations in over 40 countries in Asia, Europe, South and Central America, and the Caribbean.

In his industry experience, he has managed more than 100 customs audits, challenges and penalty cases in 51 countries.

In his customs expert experience, he has advised U.S. Customs on revisions of law and regulations governing foreign trade zones and customs valuation, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative on North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Rules of Origin, and developed advisory opinion documents for the World Customs Organization Technical Committee on Customs Valuation  (WCO – TCCV).

As a result of direct, extensive experience in developing new and emerging markets, he has unique knowledge and skills involving resolution of extraordinary international trade issues, managing challenges involving customs classification/valuation, transfer pricing, foreign trade practices and barriers, operational crisis and risk management, management of foreign audits and investigations, and international logistics.

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The VNACCS/VCIS is designed to comply with Vietnam’s commitments in the below international agreements.

ASEAN Economic Blueprint 2015, ASEAN Single Window, ASEAN Agreement on Customs

WTO “Bali Package” Trade Facilitation Draft Agreement, Dec 2013 The trade facilitation part is a multilateral deal to simplify customs procedures by reducing costs and improving their speed and efficiency. It will be a legally binding agreement and is one of the biggest reforms of the WTO since its establishment in 1995.  The objectives are: to speed up customs procedures; make trade easier, faster and cheaper; provide clarity, efficiency and transparency; reduce bureaucracy and corruption, and use technological advances. Part of the deal involves assistance for developing countries to update their infrastructure, train customs officials, or for any other cost associated with implementing the agreement. The benefits to the world economy are calculated to be between $ 400 billion and $1 trillion by reducing costs of trade by between 10% and 15%, increasing trade flows and revenue collection, creating a stable business environment and attracting foreign investment.

TransPacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement Chapter on Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation, not yet public but likely to be ver similar the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement Chapter on Customs.

World Customs Organization (WCO) Mission to Vietnam, Workshops on Valuation and Classification, May 2013

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