ASEAN Economic Integration Scorecard

We’re helping the U.S. Chamber of Commerce prepare the second annual ASEAN economic integration scorecard, grading how ASEAN countries are doing meeting their declared goals for regional economic integration.

Please click this link to access the scorecard.

The findings will be presented to the ASEAN economic ministers when they meet on August 13 for the 2011 ASEAN Trade Facilitation forum in Manado, Indonesia.

The ASEAN Secretariat believes it would be very helpful for economic ministers to receive feedback from companies on areas in which they are doing well and areas in which they are falling behind.

We would appreciate if you or a representative of your company, could please fill out the questionnaire.

For the scorecard to be effective, we need input from a wide range of companies working in many different sectors as possible. Only aggregate information will be shared with the ministers. Input provided by individual companies will be confidential.

To allow time to process the input, respond by COB on July 28.

Please click this link to access the scorecard.