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Welcome to the new AmchamVietnam.com!

Welcome to our new website. Our team has been hard at work over the holidays in the last few weeks to launch our new “digital forward” presence. As we enter 2013, we are also beginning our 11th year online. When our first website launched in 2002, the “online world” was a far different place, with

The 12 days of FCPA: Useful Takeaways from the New FCPA Resources Guide (1 – 3)

The U.S. .Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) issued a long-delayed Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) Resource Guide in November 2012. While the Guide was preceded by years of pressure to clarify the enforcement of the FCPA, it generally does little to break new ground as a matter of policy

USTR request for comment and public hearing re IPR protection

USTR (U.S. Trade Representative’s Office) is hereby requesting written submissions from the public concerning foreign countries’ acts, policies, or practices that are relevant to deciding whether a particular trading partner should be identified as a priority foreign country under Section 182 of the Trade Act or placed on the Priority Watch List or Watch List. Interested

Weekly Update Jan 7, 2013: Idea Foundry, TET Lunar New Year, 12 Days of FCPA

Events, special offers for members, trade/investment business issues and news for nearly 500 American, international, and Vietnamese companies, and over 1,000 key executives and staff. In addition, about 3,000 active subscribers in Vietnam, Asia-Pacific countries. Highlights Welcome to New AmChamVietnam.com Tu, Jan 8 Legal & VBF Liaison Committee Meeting Mo-Tu, Jan 14-15 Lower Mekong Initiative

Idea Foundry • Business Creation and Entrepreneur Acceleration

Innovation is the core of economic transformation and growth throughout world history. As Vietnam transitions from a manufacturing based economy to more of a technology and innovation based economy, and with more private enterprises emerging, it is calling for knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation. Based on our research, we notice that Vietnamese government

Gov’t asked to create investor-friendly environment

Vietnam is still a promising destination for foreign investment in 2013, but the Government needs to urgently create a business environment friendly to investors if the country is to continue attracting foreign direct investment. The year 2013 will see many other countries emerging as competitors in attracting investment, representatives of foreign business associations in Vietnam

“Watering hole” attacks via internet

In 2009, high profile web site attacks by a group using the Hydraq (Aurora) Trojan horses started. Symantec has been monitoring the attacking group’s activities for the last three years as they’ve consistently targeted a number of industries. These attackers have used a large number of zero-day exploits against not just the intended target organization,