Bradley Lalonde, Candidate for Board of Governors, Annual General Meeting 2018

Bradley Lalonde
Co-founder and Managing Member

Vietnam Partners LLC

Vietnam Partners LLC is a U.S. investment and trade advisory business with offices in New York, Hanoi and HCM City. Managing member of Vietnam Partners since inception in 2003, and also CEO and Chief Investment Officer of BVIM (BIDV Vietnam Partners Investment Management) from 2006-2011. Vietnam Partners through its various investment vehicles has invested over $200 million in 30 companies over the last 15 years. Brad currently is a member of the board of directors of BVIM, and is actively involved with US-Vietnam trade, investment and financing.

A strong advocate of free  trade, Brad represents companies that are expanding trade and investment links with the U.S., and he plans to focus considerable attention to participating in the various forums and initiatives to continue to improve the trade and investment environment in Vietnam.

Past Work Experiences

Prior to founding Vietnam Partners LLC, Brad completed a career in investment and commercial banking, including serving as CCO (Country Corporate Officer) and Senior Credit Officer for Citibank’s franchises in Tunisia (1989-1994) and Vietnam (1994-1999). Before that, Brad served as an executive marketing and credit officer in Liberia, Bahrain, Turkey and New York City.

Brad was a founding member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hanoi, Vietnam (1994), and was its Chairman during the negotiation of the Bilateral Trade Agreement with the United States. He testified before the U.S. Congress advocating full and free trade with Vietnam.


Brad is a graduate of the University of Michigan (A.B. Political Science) and Columbia University School of International Affairs (Master in Development Economics).

Vision for AmCham

Having been associated with AmCham Vietnam for over 20 years, starting as a co- founder of AmCham Hanoi, I have appreciated the value AmCham has given to its members in Vietnam and outside as well. AmCham is seen as an important organization that not only advocates policy reform in Vietnam to make a better business environment for its members operating in Vietnam, but also serves the dual role of advocating reform and support to policy makers in the U.S,, to provide better policies which enable higher levels of trade and investment flows between Vietnam and the U.S. AmCham’s positive role in the tremendous accomplishments of the U.S.-Vietnam trade relationship cannot be underestimated. One of primary roles of AmCham is to continue to work both sides of the pond to support its members’ interests in doing more business in Vietnam and the U.S.

Also important, and not to be underestimated, is member networking, which includes broadening the membership base to include more companies and individuals looking to promote U.S.-Vietnam trade, growing social and business contacts, and organizing networking events. I have participated in and supported these events, including Members’ Nights, the annual July 4th Celebrations, Governors’ Balls, and AmCham Weekends. AmCham is a vibrant organization, and an important place for networking. policy advocacy, and building a unique community of members with similar interests in building a deeper and broader based relationship between Vietnam and the United States.

If elected to serve as a Governor, I look forward to continuing to play an active role in promoting continued improvement in the trade and investment environment in Vietnam and in developing further the community of members that makes AmCham activities an integral part of business and social life in Vietnam.

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