Computing Tips: Apple iTunes now the Number Two Music Retailer in the U.S.

Apple today announced that iTunes is now the number two music retailer in the US, trailing only Wal-Mart. The iTunes Store — now with over 50 million customers — has sold over four billion songs. In fact, it sold an incredible 20 million songs on Christmas Day 2007 alone. And with over six million songs from all of the major and thousands of independent labels, it offers the world’s largest music catalog.

And in addition to the music, TV shows, and movies, iTunes U puts the power of the iTunes Store to work for colleges and universities, so users can easily search, download, and play course content just like they do music, movies, and TV shows.

Always in session

iTunes U delivers easy, 24/7 access to educational content from hundreds of top colleges, universities, and educationally focused organizations across the country. And it’s accessible to anyone with a Mac or PC.

Learning to go.

Students can sync iTunes U with any iPod or iPhone, so they can go right on learning while they catch a meal, walk to class, or work out at the gym.

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