Computing Tips: Top 10 SPAM Filters

Of the 94 emails you got today, 92 were spam?

The most-hit key when using your email program is DELETE?

Almost everybody has a question about how to get rid of SPAM.

Anti-spam tools help a lot.

In a nanosecond, they analyze incoming emails and sort out the SPAM emails before they reach your email program’s Inbox.

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If you have an Apple Macintosh, click on this link: Mac SPAM Fighting Tools.

One of the best is Spam Sieve, which filters out SPAM emails with up to 99.8% accuracy, using Bayesian probability analysis.

Bayesian spam filters calculate the probability of a message being spam based on its contents. They learn from spam and from good mail, resulting in a very robust and efficient anti-spam approach that returns hardly any false positives.

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