Computing Tips: Vietnam’s New Collaboration Portal Goes Live on IBM Cloud

Accelerating Universities’ Adoption of Service Science

Vietnam National University First to Adopt New Initiative for Service Innovation

May 08, 2008: IBM announced today that the Vietnam Information for Science and Technology Advance Innovation Portal goes live on an IBM cloud computing infrastructure. The interactive online portal will be used by Vietnamese government institutions and universities to develop education programs for Service Science Management and Engineering (SSME), an emerging academic discipline and research area that integrates aspects of computer science, engineering, management science, business strategy, and social science.

Further, IBM and Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City today signed a Memorandum Of Understanding about SSME education and IT Service Curriculum (ITSC) for students and information technology (IT) professionals. This is the first time for Vietnam to use an online collaboration platform to support education on SSME and ITSC. Vietnam National University will be the first in the country to adopt such a program jointly created with IBM. The program will emphasize ITSC principles, which will train students and professionals in using technology for service delivery and better managing people, assets and processes.

To build and sustain a highly skilled and competitive workforce, the Vietnamese government plans to adopt the academic programs nationwide through a joint effort by the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Information and Communications. These programs will offer computing courses in IT Service, free software tools, and business case studies representing real-world challenges.

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IBM Cloud Computing Milestones

“Cloud computing” is an information technology infrastructure in which computing resources are virtualized and accessed as a service. IBM has been expanding its cloud computing capabilities around the world. IBM’s first Cloud Computing Center was established in the IBM Almaden Research Center in Silicon Valley in June 2007. IBM launched Europe’s first Cloud Computing Center in Dublin, Ireland on March 19, 2008. Over the past year, IBM has provided cloud computing services to clients such as China Telecom, Wuxi City of China and Sogeti, the Local Professional Services Division of Capgemini. IBM also launched “Blue Cloud,” a series of cloud computing offerings, and entered into partnerships for cloud computing programs with a number of partners in Europe.

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