Computing Tips: Yahoo! Southeast Asia Chief says VN potential is “great”

Yahoo! has come to Vietnam. An inaugural function on April 29 was marked by a 30-second promotion clip, Blog 360Plus exclusively for Vietnamese bloggers and Vietnam Yahoo! Music.

The clip, featuring Tam, the heroine of Vietnam’s most popular folk story – Tam Cam, who searches on Yahoo! for a machine that can help her sort beans, has become wildly popular in Vietnam.

Regarding Yahoo!’s products for Vietnam only, users are in the process of trying them out.

Thanh Nien spoke with Vu Minh Tri, general manager of The Yahoo! Southeast Asia.

Thanh Nien: Why is Yahoo! interested in Vietnam?

Vu Minh Tri: Vietnam is Yahoo!’s top priority in Southeast Asia.

Taking a look at Yahoo!’s turnover from the 15 million users in Vietnam, you will realize the country’s potential is great. Singaporean users don’t account for one-third of that number.

A new product, 360Plus has been designed specifically for Vietnam’s market. This is the first time a giant company like Yahoo! has made a product designed for a single market.

Most Vietnamese users are using Yahoo! Mail through the US Yahoo!; so the mail is often slow and overloaded. We will move Vietnamese accounts to Vietnam-based servers. That will speed them up.

Vu Minh Tri, General Manager of Yahoo! Southeast Asia left his job as general director of Vietnam Sony Ericsson because “I found a new passion in the newness and challenges in Yahoo!’s entry into Vietnam. I was always curious about how online companies develop and do business. Yahoo! offers me a chance to discover it.”

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Tuyện cổ tích Việt Nam: Tấm Cám – from the International Children’s Digital Library

Ngày xưa, ở một làng quê nước Việt Nam, có một cô gái tên là Tấm. Cha mẹ mất sớm, Tấm sốm với mẹ kế và Cám, con gái của bà. Tấm hiền lành và chăm chỉ làm việc. Còn Cám ỷ ₫ược mẹ chiều nên lười biến và dữ dằn. Ngày ngày Tấm phải làm hết mọi việc trong nhà còn Cám thì chỉ rong chơi.

Tam Cam

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