Embassy bomber sentenced in Thai court to 12 years in prison

BANGKOK — The Bangkok Criminal Court sentenced Vo Van Duc, the leader of a terrorist group tied to a plot to bomb the Vietnamese embassy in Thailand six years ago, to 12 years in prison.

The court said that he deserved 24 years in prison, but his sentence was halved because he pled guilty in the court on Monday. The sentence is as of December 2006, which was when he was extradited from the United States to Thailand.

Earlier this week, Duc signed the indictment which the judge read to court, affirming that Duc and his co-conspirator, Phan Nguyen Thanh Hien Si, had violated Thai laws.

Duc, a Vietnamese-born US citizen, and Si were accused of buying explosives and materials to create explosive devices weighing a total of eight kilograms. They then put the bombs outside the door of the Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok with the alleged intent to detonate the devices remotely using mobile phones.

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