The next Committee meeting is Thursday, November 8, at 3:30pm-5:30pm, in Baker & McKenzie’s Hanoi and HCMC offices.

Please register online HERE

Ideas for Action as of October 5. Comments would be appreciated by November 5:

  1. Student Well-Being. Conference on Child Safeguarding next September
  2. Educational Innovation.
  • Conference on Educational Innovation
  • Survey
  • Online course
  1. Workforce Development (in conjunction with Educational Innovation subcommittee)
  • Public Workshops on opportunities presented by future trends
  • Guidance Offices/Organizations
  • Municipal Training Centers
  1. Integration/Decree 86: Roundtable discussion with MoET.
  2. Advocacy/White Papers/suggestions for MoET.

Also, a suggestion has been made that we combine our efforts into one major Education conference, with an agenda that might be along the following lines:

Opening Highlight Session: 

  1. Integrated Education: ‘Where Have We Been, Where Are We Going?’
  2. Moderated Expert Panel

Two Track Symposiums: 

  1. Student Well-Being  (Whitepaper)
  2. Innovation in Education & Workforce Development: Best Practices (Whitepaper)

Closing Sessions – Combined: ‘Moving Forward with Impact’

  1. Women’s Community Groups
  2. Beta ‘Test’ Sites
  3. Gov’t Advocacy

Seats are limited so registration is made on first come first served basis.

Please register online HERE

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